Go Bold!
by Marcy Lytle

Braided This hoop that’s braided in gold is one of my favorite pair!  Gold goes with denim, navy, red, and all sorts of summer hues! 

Gold Disk – World Market has great jewelry, and I love these disk hoops.  If your outfit is already colorful and busy, then opt for a solid hoop like this!


Beaded – This pair looks like a pinwheel!  What speaks summer more than this colorful pair!  Beaded, lots of hues, and so cute!


A few weeks ago, I ordered myself lots of new earrings.  Partly, I ordered them because I was tired of my decades-old stash, which consisted of mostly studs…not many big earrings.  After all, I wore LOTS of big earrings back in the 80’s and really grew tired of them.  However, I had seen lots of photos of cute tshirts and simple shirts really taken to the next level with a cute pair of hoops!  Yes, hoops!  And when hoops are worn, there’s no need for a statement necklace or a scarf, or any other accessories. 

When my order arrived, I was delighted and even made room for these large earrings on my jewelry wall.  You can see the picture over on the article called Seven 4 You – where we all shared what we’ve been doing during this slower pace of being at home more.  I thought I’d share some of these finds with you, in case you too want to start a new trend this summer.  These hoops are great for any outing, at home in the backyard or down the street at a park with friends…or on vacation…should we all get to go!

The first four pairs are from American Eagle (Yeah, I didn’t know their jewelry was so cute!)

Flowers – Isn’t this pair stunning?  These would be great with a maxi sundress, or shorts and a tshirt!  They are so unique and pretty.

Multi-color – I just wore these with a white shirt, and I think this pair just completed the outfit!  These hoops are not heavy in weight, just heavy in beauty and fun.


Tortoise and Raffia – I think these are so pretty, and if you’ve got an animal print pair of loafers, then you’re good to go!  I just recently found a pair and love them!  Or even an animal print belt.


Paint Pallette – This pair looks just like a paint palette.  Who knows, they might even inspire you to take out a brush and create something beautiful!  I think this pair would be so pretty with a red tshirt, or a denim shirt!


Maybe you’re like I was and need a change in your wardrobe but you don’t know where to start, you don’t want to spend much, but you want to look cute for the summer months ahead.  Start with earrings.  Break out of your rut of wearing the same pair, just gold or silver, or just tiny and cute…and go bold!



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