I wasn’t planning on writing ANYTHING that even came close to the word COVID!  I kept thinking of other topics and interesting ideas that women like to talk about.  Each time, I thought about it, I would be outside on my lawn chair, which is my happy quiet angel place.  God kept illuminating this topic; so I am sharing about my beautiful green and gorgeous lawn, filled with shade and glorious flowers that died over night.


As some of you may know, I love working in the yard and even trimming and edging!  It is a joy for me to plant and dig in the dirt.  Our spring lawn had some weeds and every year we fertilize with a good weed and feed.  We suspect the culprit to be the fact that it needs aerating and more water, but our big tree in the back was also showing signs of illness.  An expert came by to share advice, and we discovered it is dead from the trunk, and the canopy that is there will eventually be gone.  Nine hundred and fifty dollars will remove it for us! 




It’s our shade and holds our beloved doves and songbirds!


Thoughts of people suffering from this unknown virus came to mind as I prayed and asked the Father what He’s up to.  He is not the author of death or illness and I know that He alone is our HEALER!  He began to show me that the signs in my garden of old turf, are actually His call to the NEW!  Many teachers have been sharing about the new wine and how God is about to do something new. He’s been saying the harvest is plentiful and we are the ambassadors, but we don’t yet know what that looks like.  We are hearing and joining in the sounds of unity among believers all over the world. So many are experiencing Jesus and sharing communion together online.  Our hearts have soared as we have viewed beautiful children worshiping and recognizing their True Healer, Friend, and Savior! 

Viewing my lawn caused something to arise in my spirit and I began to pray and intercede in a new way.  It was as if I found my voice in the midst of chaos and said, “Jesus, You are the Way!  Come and heal our land and forgive us for living our lives at church meetings, and allowing Your beautiful world to die!  Make me Your vessel of honor and love!  Bring me to the place of surrender with my True Love being my most important first purpose and reason to live!”


Victory and challenge come over me as I partner with God to save our land!  Jesus has finished the work and done all that needs to be done in order to bring us back to the original plan. Now I ask Him for my own intimate strategies, plans, and directions.  He will show me where to go and how to get there. He will give wisdom in renewing our own land with the provision to do anything it needs!  He is that good!  He has NOT changed, but I have!  He is retraining the way I think!  He is giving me new designs and awakening my spirit to SOAR again from a New Place! 


This COVID lawn will live again and be better than EVER!

Tales from the COVID Yard
by Ginny Hurley

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