Whether or not we’re now venturing out to meet up with other couples, we are all still being safe and wondering how close and where we should meet, and what we can do to still have fun.  It’s been quite a challenge to think up date night connections with friends, but we’ve done it and seen others do it as well.  This month is devoted to double dating while distancing.  How in the world can we meet with friends and have a good time and yet keep safely away?  It’s hard, for sure!

Find a patio – We recently met another couple at a restaurant with a huge outdoor venue of picnic tables, and the manager let us bring our lawn chairs so that we could set them up and not be right next to our friends.  How nice was that?  We were able to order our food and visit, outside under big shade trees, and have a great time!  Think of conversation starter questions (or look them up on line) and have a great time learning about each other all over again!

Hit the trail – Stay your distance, but go for a walk with your friends.  Pack your own food, and enjoy your dinner by a body of water – a pond – or a lake.  One fun game to play is to bring fly swatters (get them at the Dollar Store) and balloons and play balloon tennis in a wide open area in a park.  You’ll get a bit of exercise, and a lot of laughs!


Have movie night outside – We’ve heard of folks doing this, setting up their movies outside in the yard and enjoying the theater without going to the theater.  You can see how to do this by clicking here.  Ask them to bring their own popcorn and snacks, and you have yours as well.  Either lay out blankets or provide chairs, and let the movie begin!


Set up on the lawn – We have some friends that live in an apartment complex, and outside their back door is a grassy lawn area.  They invited us over one Saturday morning for breakfast and conversation.  They offered to provide the food, but we felt better bringing our own – banana bread from Marjorie Johnson’s cooking The Road to Blue Ribbon Baking.  This was a couple we didn’t know a lot about, so we asked questions and learned!  It was an awesome visit…six feet apart.


Pick a pavilion – There are pavilions or gazebos in parks, so just seek and find one.  Each couple can bring their favorite tunes on a playlist, and share.  The pavilion can provide protection if it’s hot outside or if there’s a chance of rain.  In fact, a light summer rain date under a pavilion might be just the perfect date!  Pick up your favorite takeout on the way, and have your conversation revolve around food, your faves, how you cook, childhood comfort food, etc.

That’s just five ideas.  Connect with friends and meet up, staying safely away and taking precautions – but meet!  June is a great month for being outdoors, and that’s a great place to be health-wise, too.  Go ahead and call them, and invite them, and get it on the calendar. 

Start filling in those little squares again with double dates with friends…

Connecting Outdoors
by Marcy Lytle

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