Many years ago when I was young and impressionable, thinking the world was supposed to make sense, stories of the Illuminati introduced me to the idea that the world is not as it seems. I developed a healthy skepticism for such stories, but also for “legit” information. Over time, the process of weeding through the tangled maze of fact and fiction the world offers led me to seek, pray, and learn to trust the Source of All Things True.

It’s natural to question and look for answers to understand what’s going on. Right now, ideas are circulating about a conspiracy to collapse the economy, a conspiracy to establish a one-world government, a conspiracy to vaccinate with intent to do harm, a conspiracy to remove the current leader…possibly intertwined, and led by an unidentified group called “They.”

I know people, Christian and non-Christian, who sincerely believe this, people I respect. The arguments and postulations can be rather convincing and frightful. After all, it is written that deceptions and takeovers would come. It’s obvious that things aren’t right with the world, and the mechanisms and forces that control such things as the economy, world peace, and the nations, are far beyond me. So what if it’s true? What if there is a conspiracy to take over the world, our money, our freedom…? The immense amount of available information is daunting, if not impossible, to sort through, and it’s often unreliable.

Facts are made to sound like fiction, and fiction is presented as fact. Unless confirmed by my own trusted senses, there’s no source of information I can count on…with one exception.

Is there really an organization of wealthy power that secretly rules? Do “They” underhandedly conspire to accomplish “Their” selfish plans? Should I be wary of life-saving vaccinations on the chance that they’re intended to harm? In government, does the letter of the law override the condition of the heart? Hand me the sword that divides bone and marrow!

I’m not a conspiracy theorist; I’m a conspiracy realist. If there are conspiracies, I can’t do anything about it. The theories can’t be proven, and “They” are beyond my reach. Realistically, the logistics don’t make sense. There are too many players in the game—intelligent people who care about others, who are in the know, who would have to be involved to make the conspiracy succeed. Humans don’t cooperate well enough to pull it off—sooner or later someone gets greedy, offended, reveals the secret or otherwise succumbs to innate weaknesses.

But there is one who could pull it off. He’s in this world to do just that—conspire to deceive us.  

The Trusted Book says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  What a brilliant statement—written so long ago with the timeless perspective that belongs only to God. The real conspiracy, the Book says, is perpetrated by one who’s called The Deceiver. His mission is to keep us, in a myriad of ways, from knowing God, trusting God, abiding in him and following him. Instilling fear, suspicion, and uncertainty is one of them. Getting us to turn on one another makes his day.

God knows every plan of Man. He will either thwart it or use it to accomplish his own good purposes—his Divine plan—whether it appears so to my limited knowledge and understanding, or not. I have an unfailing guide in the triune God. His instructions hold true and keep my feet in the narrow way:  do not worry, love one another, be merciful, forgive, keep your eyes on Me, pray always …and so much more that brings Life, not death.

There’s only one conspiracy to be concerned about—only as it keeps me on guard and on point in a divine mission. May you take courage as you undertake your part.  Together we’ll defeat on earth what has been defeated in heaven, as we love and pray for one another.

by Dina Cavazos

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