I’ve found that during these uncertain and scary times, it helps me to get away from the city and notice the simplicity of nature and small pleasures, and to give thanks.  Haven’t you?  If I stay home too much, working and cleaning and doing and staying away and watching and listening…I become anxious and weary.  But one day away can rejuvenate me to face another week. 

Yesterday, we took a road trip to three small towns, just for fun.  The experience is shared over on the Local Flair blog, and you can find it on the COVER page if you scroll down.  However, in this story I want to take note of the small and beautiful things that caused my heart to beat a little sweeter, my eyes to open a little wider, and my thoughts to settle down from boiling to a nice aromatic simmer…

  • The fields were green and wildflowers were everywhere still…breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Water that we packed tasted so good and refreshing after we strolled in a park.

  • That park had a stately tree that was huge and historical and provided shade for travelers, long ago.

  • There was this river by which we sat, and observed the reflection of the trees in the water.

  • There were these rocks and trails and greenery and benches all for walkers and observers – me!

  • One antique store was open on a little town square, and there were treasures on every aisle.

  • The town square was still mostly closed, but the sidewalks were there…for strolling…always open.

  • The breeze and the temperature were perfect, and we noticed and we drank in its refreshing…

  • The book I brought to read was just the escape as I leaned my chair back and entered another story, while we parked under a tree.

  • A text from a 7 year old to see what I was doing made my  heart sing and my lips turn up to smile.

  • The fact that I needed a light coat as we left in the morning was an unexpected surprise of “Ahhh.”

  • My walking shoes were so comfortable as I held his hand and we explored new places, both breathing deeply in rhythmic paces.


Just think.  If we could pause enough to think of a dozen simple pleasures each day, we might all live 10 years longer just from the peace that comes from seeing and giving thanks and observing and living life well.

I hope to maintain this exercise of simplicity, even after the memory of spring 2020 fades into the fall of 2020 and whatever that may bring.  Will you join me?

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