There are lots of rules that I suppose are meant to be broken, if they oppose our inner conscience or are harmful to ourselves or others.  We recently watched a movie about a religious family that wouldn’t allow their children to read books for fear of outside influence.  Even adult children!  One guy broke the rules and was shunned.  How sad! 

However, there are many rules that are meant to be followed…for our safety and benefit…and life!  I recently purchased a new mandolin for slicing veggies and when I went to use it the first time, I was in a hurry and didn’t refresh myself on the manual’s instructions.  I was slicing a carrot and knew it wouldn’t fit in the claw so I used my hand (without the guard) and almost sliced off my finger.  One would think I would know better, but I skipped the rules…and suffered.

I thought it would be fun to publish a list of little reminders about good rules to follow that bring us life and health, when we adhere and don’t stray:

No texting while driving – even at red lights.  We still see SO MANY people texting or looking at their phones while driving, and they veer into other lanes.  Also, if we text and drive, so will our teens… There’s just no good reason to pick up the phone while behind the wheel.  Pull over if it’s an emergency, and if it’s not, observe the sunshine and the beauty as you drive instead of the dings and pings.

Read the manual – Point noted above.  This new mandolin has a guard for odd veggies that don’t fit the claw.  I didn’t bother to refresh my knowledge of that – and it would have only taken me a minute.  It pays to read the instructions and save a finger.

Wear the mask – to protect others – even if you don’t care about yourself!  We’ve been out and about and noticed some stores where the shoppers and workers all wear masks.  Although it’s still eerie to me, I appreciate their protective measures.  We also stopped at a famous gas station/store where hardly anyone was wearing a mask.  Whether or not we agree with all the rules, wearing masks is a protective measure and rule we can all follow to show others and ourselves respect for life and health.

Read the Word – No, it’s not a RULE that if you don’t read it, you will be punished.  But if you don’t read it, you will be swayed to stray, drawn to doubt, and fall into fear.  Who wants to do that?  There’s a reason we are encouraged to know the word and hide it in our hearts.  It staves off all evil.  A great rule to follow!

Drink water – however you can make that happen!  If it’s placing a bottle out in your line of vision, do it.  If it’s eliminating other non-healthy beverages, do it.  If it’s asking a friend to keep you accountable do it. Drinking water should be a rule for all of us, to keep us hydrated, especially as summer nears.

Maintain – There are rules of maintenance that come with appliances, cars, outdoor furniture and almost every large purchase we make – including our AC units in our houses and even the entire span of our yards!  Maintenance is my husband’s job and boy is it a job!  If maintenance doesn’t take place, there’s great expense to all involved!  Maintain your weight, your health, your tongue, your thoughts, your friendships, your homes, your giving, and all the good things in life.

Rules of engagement – I know it’s tempting during this time to become accustomed to being distant from friends, allowing our thoughts to overtake us that we don’t matter and people don’t care, and all the things that come from “distancing.”  However, there are multiple reminders in the Good Book to continue to assemble, to continue to give, to continue to choose love…even when it seems hard to do so.  Text a friend, drop off a surprise, email a note, send a card snail mail, but do something to engage with others and encourage.  In doing so, you yourself will be refreshed.  It’s just the way engagement works.  He sees…and He rewards.

What rules have you found that need to be followed? Did you learn that lesson the hard way?  For some of us, the ones that are by nature rule followers, this is a no-brainer. For others, more independent and stubborn, it takes reminders that the rules are there for a reason…for safety and covering…and health.


Obey the Rules
by Marcy Lytle

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