I’ve watched on line and read and listened to all the moms out there that felt two conflicting emotions when school was closed and lessons ensued at home…while normal life had to keep going!  There were often posts of how fun it was to have family time for walks in the evening to the creek.  There were just as many posts about heads down on the table and frustrations running high!  So I figured you moms could use a little affirmation right about now, since summer is just beginning and you’re not quite sure you can endure!

  • You’re allowed to scream and cry.  It relieves that pressure so that you don’t burst!

  • You may not get applause right now, but one day your kids will appreciate your care.  Seriously. It might be when they’re 30 years old, but they will.

  • You are smart and brave when you ask for help.

  • You will get to watch your grandkids throw tantrums as pay back to your grown kids. 

  • You are a hero, just without a cape.  But go head.  Wear one if you need to.

  • You are beautiful, and you deserved that cookie you ate today.  Savor every bite!

  • Your family is not weird because you’re different.  You’re uniquely you.

  • You will not thrive if you become your own critic.  You will thrive if you let it go…

  • You are allowed to fail.  Completely.  And so are your kids…

  • Your desires are dear to His heart, so go on.  Tell Him and wait to receive…

  • Your dirty oven means aromas fill your house and the family is smiling.

  • You need friends that encourage you, so be one that encourages her.

  • You will never receive greater comfort and peace than you will in His presence…even if it’s 5 minutes.

  • You can do all you need to do in His strength and wisdom, and in his rest and peace.

  • You can control the playlist for music in the house, and require that all who hear…dance.


I know Mother’s Day was last month.  I know you’re hoping and wishing for a new house, a vacation away, date night once again, a husband to treat you like royalty, and all sorts of pampering and treats, because you’re tired. You’re spent.  You’re over it.  It doesn’t help to be told that children grow up quickly, because right now it seems they will forever be pulling on your sleeves and whining.  So I won’t say that. 

What I will say is to find a way to release the pressure before the top blows off and there’s a mess to clean up.  Keep your chin up, because you are greatly valued and seen and heard, by the One who can supply all your needs according to His riches.  And the One that can give you wings to soar like an eagle…while you wait.

Here’s to Summer 2020, a home of plenty…where balloons fly high and moms laugh out loud.



15 Reminders
by Marcy Lytle

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