I hear the word “isolation” a lot lately. Obviously, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and we have to be isolated from one another, so that is the main reason we hear it. But for us, in this tiny living scenario, we have been feeling that for a while!

About a year ago we had someone pray over us that the isolation we had been in would be gone. Not necessarily loneliness, because we have each other, but we had sort of distanced ourselves from the outside world and become more secluded from others. I mean, after all,  we live in a trailer in the woods far from town! That’s pretty isolated, I think!

We were involved in the kids’ school activities and sports, but nothing really outside of that. Not many hang outs with others. Brian and I had our separate friends but not many couple friends. Brian worked at a church, but because we went to separate churches we didn’t get involved with anyone in those churches. (We went separately because the church Brian worked at was super far away from our home).

Now travel back the seven years before when we lived in California. Brian worked at church and with the youth group, we were super involved and hung out with people ALL THE TIME. We even lived for about a year with some friends from the church.

So maybe our isolation when we moved back to Texas came from needing some space from our past craziness. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but that was a lot of friend time! We were always constantly doing something.

So we move back and the progression of isolation set in. I don’t think we really realized it until we were prayed over. We thought, “Yes! That is our word! That’s what we have been living in!”

Brian quit the church where he was working so we could start attending as a family. We started our search but we started going on tour with Brian so much it was hard to find something at that time. Finally, we found a place we loved and then… the PANDEMIC!  Back to being isolated in 325 square feet! Talk about the walls closing in!

We try to be outside as much as possible or we lose our mind! Funny though, we’ve been more connected to our friend groups than ever! Brian has started zoom calls with his old high school buddies. I’ve started connecting with old friends more, as well. It’s been fun to have this weird slow time in our lives to really dive deep in the word and see what God has in store for our future.

Reconnecting with others has been so much fun and we can’t wait to get back into our church to meet some more new friends and say goodbye to isolation!


by Leyanne Enterline

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