Last month, one of our writers wrote an article called “Laundry Worship” where she talked about the most mundane of chores becoming an act of worship! I loved it!  I thought it would be fun to mention a few more chores and how we can actually make them into fun, instead of so boring and laborious.  After all, household chores are here to stay for now and always, and they face us every single morning whether we like it or not!  Some chores I don’t mind, but others I detest.  Emptying the dishwasher is my least fave!  I think it’s because I realize it needs to be emptied right about the time I’m starting dinner!

Ironing – I’m starting with this chore that I’m thinking a lot of you don’t do anymore.  You have wrinkle spray or a steamer, am I right?  But whatever way you choose to get out the wrinkles, it’s still annoying to have to stop and do it.  Especially if you’re in a hurry to get dressed and time is of the essence! 

How to have fun:  Set aside an hour a week to get out the wrinkles, instead of just when you’re ready to get dressed. Put on music and breathe, and enjoy the disappearance of the wrinkles and the appearance of something you can now wear next time, even when you’re in a hurry!

Mowing – Do you still mow your yard, or pay a lawn service?  We still mow, because we both enjoy the opportunity for that exercise.  However, the time it takes to do it and actually finding the time to mow is the problem! Once we actually mow, we are super satisfied and happy (and dirty!).

How to have fun:  Do the yard work together.  Make lemonade to enjoy on breaks.  Sit together on the patio between the front and backyard trims.  Brainstorm about new plants or flowers or outdoor art.  Make it an actual “date” as you work together – not apart.  If you have little children, consider this as a date option – seriously – get a babysitter or do it when the kids are resting! Or set them up on the patio with crafts and snacks while you work!

Cleaning the bathroom – Toilets, bathtubs and floors – nasty and not fun.  And getting our kiddos to start learning and start aiming and start wiping is like pulling teeth – next to impossible! 

How to have fun:  Create a cleaning bucket with pockets for each cleaning item, gloves, wipes, etc.  Assign pieces of the chore to each family member and make it a relay race.  (Well, not a race, but you get the idea.) You and the kids sit in a room drawing, coloring, reading, whatever. And the bucket gets passed to each individual.  Mom does the toilet, then passes the bucket to big brother.  He wipes the counters, and passes the bucket to little sis who sprays the tub, and Dad comes in for the rub.  It can work!

Unloading the dishwasher - As I mentioned above, the dishwasher seems to be full all the time and needs to be emptied just before dinner!  And if someone unloads it and doesn’t know where the items belong, then it could wreak havoc next time Mom needs that garlic mincer that was placed in the wrong drawer!

How to have fun:   Let this be a chore that is attended to daily.  Although the dishwasher may not be full and clean daily, if it’s checked each morning or evening, at least it will always be attended to!  Pick a time that’s not near mealtime.  That person can ask one more person to help, as they unload and put away.  If there’s an odd piece without a known home, it’s put on the counter for Mom…later.  While unloading, the two have to sing!  Yes, have to!  It will be hilariously great!

Dusting:  We have one room in our house that is especially dusty all the time – our bedroom!  Pretty sure it’s because of the printer going all the time, while I work.  Dusting every windowsill, baseboard, surface and table is a pain.

How to have fun:  Each person has their own Swiffer duster, with a specific surface named and taped on the handle.  (windowsills, tables, shelves).  These stay in a cabinet or bucket, and when it’s time to dust everyone draws a Swiffer and goes to town!  The job will be over in a jiffy!

Obviously, there will need to be inspections, training on how to clean, and expectations communicated, in order for this “fun” to be effective and not a pain.  But once everyone is in a rhythm, the beat will produce a marching army that produces a clean house!

Make chores fun, every one of them.  Or at least try to…

Having Fun, Yet?
by Marcy Lytle

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