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Just That Fun
by Marcy Lytle
MARRIAGE - after 40 years4.jpg

It was Saturday, the Kentucky Derby day, something I’d never paid attention to EVER.  But I guess I saw it advertised more this year, or I saw some ladies on Instagram preparing their hats, and I thought about the event.  It was also cloudy and damp, and we’d been out all day having fun at markets and walking and just enjoying our weekend when…

I said, “Let’ go home and pull out the card table, set it up for two, get dressed up and watch the Kentucky Derby.”

His immediate response was, “That sounds fun.”

Now, if it’d been me and he had been the one suggesting something, I’d probably ponder and think about whether or not I really wanted to do it before I answered.  But he didn’t. He just said yes!

We got home and I decided on a whim to take one of my summer hats and add fake flowers and ribbon from my stash of crafts, and within (literally) 10 minutes, I had a derby hat.  But what surprised me was Jon came in the closet and got out his white dress shirt and a tie!  He hadn’t worn a tie in so long we both had to think about how to make that knot.  He was totally into dressing for the occasion.

After I got the table set, the candle placed, a lone rose in a vase positioned, and the impromptu snack board filled, we started to sit down and see these glorious two minutes the world was going to watch with us.  He then grabbed the lighter and lit the candle.  By the way, he had picked out the candle earlier when we were shopping.  I never thought he looked more handsome.

Normally, we’re not home on a Saturday night, and normally I would complain if we were…because I like to go.  But this little fancy date for two on our card table (yes, we covered it with a pretty tablecloth) was so perfect.  We were totally dressed up (from the waist, at least) and we had a front row seat at the derby!  After I saw some of the hats on the television, I didn’t feel so bad about my Minnie Pearl look.


MARRIAGE - after 40 years3.jpg

And then it happened.  The race began and we started enjoying our guacamole, spinach artichoke dip (a little frozen tub from Trader Joe’s), some fresh peach salsa (we’d just gotten at the farmer’s market), and neither of our picks won.  But…

This evening a romantic night came together in a matter of moments, when he said “that sounds fun” to my idea for a night at home.  And we were glad we had some items in the kitchen we could pull together for a quick delight.  One of our favorite things to do!

I’m thankful for him.  He’s not only a wonderful father that loves our kids and their kids fiercely, but he’s still my sweet husband that loves me too, and never says no to a good time. 

MARRIAGE - after 40 years -.jpg

After the two minute race, we sat on the sofa, my feet on his lap, and we watched a show.  I tossed off my hat, he loosened his tie, and both of us kicked off our shoes.  After all, I saw women in their fancy hats and dresses walking barefoot in the dirt at the derby…or in their rubber boots!

This night just might become an annual tradition, because it was just that fun.


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