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Father’s Day is this month, and dads just don’t get bragged on enough.  Perhaps Dad is missing from families, and our hearts ache for families without them.  Thankfully, God has promised to step in and be Dad to all of us without one!  And then there are families that do have dads that work hard, show up, and place family as priority.  How can we say enough about these guys?  We can’t. But the cousin moms are trying…



I feel like I won the lottery with my husband, not only as a husband but as a father, and the way the loves our kids.  Raising three girls isn’t easy!  It’s managing emotions, different desires and interests…but he loves our girls so well. 

There are many things I love about him being a father.

One is the way the plays with the girls.  He loves to get them outside.  He takes them mowing, hunting, and takes them on their bikes, to the playground, and throws a ball with them. He really is awesome as he instructs them in their play. And of course, the wrestling and tickling – and the joy on the girls’ faces!  It’s different than the way I play and so important. I love watching it!

He also challenges the girls.  He pushes them to continue on with school or sports or chores around the house.  He’s always encouraging them to be the best version of themselves (and pushes me to do so as well!)  He doesn’t just have them stay comfortable where they are, but to go a little bit further – hit the ball a bit harder – go the extra mile  in school.  He teaches them that they can always learn and do more.

Finally, he’s just present.  My husband wears many hats.  He owns a dental practice, he’s the president of the Chamber of Commerce, is on the board of the Town Health Department, volunteer coaches for the high school football team, and he is a deacon at church and is on the worship team.  He does so much for the community, but always focuses on what’s important.  He’s at their games, at their functions, at home at night to tuck them in, etc.  If he misses a night, he makes time the next day to be present. 

That’s what I have to say about my lovely husband…

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When it comes to fatherhood, and the way my husband fathers our three kids, I have so much to say.  He’s always been so on top of things.  In fact, he does a way better job than me with working at home and taking care of things at home, so that laundry is done and their lunches are packed, etc.  He is just an amazing husband and father in just “taking care of our home.” This means more to me than I can ever explain.

Regarding the kids specifically, especially this last year when I went back to work outside the home, he has done so much.  He had to take care of the sick kids and take them to the doctor, and he had to flex his work hours, since I couldn’t take off.  And sometimes, he wasn’t feeling well himself!  So, the kids are always first!  As a mom, that is peace giving and wonderful to me.  He also brings treats like cold drinks for the kids when they’re sick!

Another thing is all our kids’ activities, where we as parents have to split up to make each one!  Sometimes, this includes weeknights, when we are both exhausted from all day working.  He often tells me to stay home and he drives the kids to rehearsal or practice, when he knows I’m tired. 


He’s also stepped in to help coach.  Watching him on the field with our oldest in baseball, and character, puts a smile on my face that my kids have this father God has given them.  He guards their character!

And lastly, our kids want to practice singing or gymnastics or baseball, and my husband always does his best to be present.  He makes sure the yard is mowed, he spots our daughter for back hand springs, and I’m so grateful.  No words could describe how blessed I feel to have him as husband and my best friend, and of course, Dad.

His kids are everything to him and it’s visible.  Nothing deters him from missing all of the things, unless of course we have to rotate.  He works really hard to provide, but he also works and is intentional to be Dad.  I can’t celebrate him enough!  He’s a champion for me, our kids, and our family.

Braggin' on Dad
by Charissa and Kamrin
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