Bright and early every morning we can anticipate observing a world of splendor right in our own backyards.  Even though it is July, green fields still spill out upon the roadways throughout local neighborhoods.  This year we have especially enjoyed the exquisite result of rainy days and nights.


Breathtaking flowers fill the landscapes while fountains shoot water into ponds and pools.  Even the creeks still flow with fresh water from springtime.  It is truly a beautiful place to live. 


The butterfly receives its nourishment from the colorful flowers, while the flowers reproduce because of the beautiful butterflies. What a perfect plan.  Hidden in plain sight all over our world, God’s perfect balance is displayed for all to see.  


We realize in a heartbeat that our hot sun will roast the lawns and things will begin to turn brown.  Yet while it lasts, we hope for continued rain and cooler breezes. 

The universe was created in perfect balance, and we long for it to remain that way forever.  Our identity began in a perfect garden.  It’s in our DNA.  It’s who we are.  Beauty was adorned in every nook and cranny, given to us to discover.  What a joyful scene to picture! 

(Doug Gephardt)

Perfect Balance
by Ginny Hurley
The "Roaring" 20's
by Ginny Hurley

My husband and I have facilitated a home connect group for many years.  Our age group ranges from three weeks old, to a couple who celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary with us.  We love the multi-generational mix and connection!  The younger ones truly listen and participate with the older ones, and the older ones can’t wait for the teenagers and littles to pray for them.  Each week we share life with one another: communicate, pray, and then do whatever we feel that God is saying for the time.  My personal favorite is when we laugh and celebrate someone or some special occasion or holiday. 


This week we had a 1920’s party to celebrate Valentines and the new decade of 2020.  We usually have a sock hop and dress up for 1950’s, but this year was different.  As I began to research food, values, styles, games, and various historical topics, I realized how similar the 1920’s were to our present day.  I had no idea!  I laughed as I looked up certain topics.  They named their sandwiches, drank sodas, and loved marshmallows!  Prohibition, gangsters, flappers, women’s suffrage, child worker laws, the automobile, new scientific ideas from Darwin, and creation were hot topics throughout the land.  My study revealed that huge changes came because of urban development and the move away from rural areas and farming.  Opportunities opened up for many youngsters and teenagers to continue schooling and even go to college.  Overnight it had moved from the horse to the automobile!

It was a fun time, a time of freedom and adventure.  Women began to risk stepping out into careers, even moving into areas that had mainly been for men only.  Some of these things were positive, giving people freedom to be who they were intended to be.  Some of these opened the door to all kinds of evil.  Families were no longer the main connection as young people began to hang out with friends, party, and date in cars. Men and women were created to have choices and keeping them bound in slavery and dishonor is wrong. 

Therefore, with this sudden ability to do whatever they wanted, many chose the very things that would rob them of their true identity.  At the same time, great revivals were taking place around the world, and many were waking up to true freedom in Christ.  When darkness descends on a people, the Light always rises to shine brightly with hope. 


Of course, we know that this decadent time did not end well.  All the money that had been accumulated was wiped out in a single day.  People were devastated and many lost everything. 


Right now, in 2020, we are in a similar time.  Many have lost their way.  We watch a Super Bowl on television with our families and stare with open mouths at the sad display in front of our children.  Yet, just as we feel heartbroken for this generation, a new song is heard throughout our nations.  God is here and He is awakening His people like never before in history.  His loving kindness is quickening in thousands of young and old.  He has not forgotten or given up on us!  Our Redeemer is ready to show up in a big way.  Things hidden for ages are being revealed and the Bridegroom is calling His Bride.  The harvest is vast and many are flocking to His voice, the True Lover of their hearts. 


I can’t wait to celebrate this great season!  Something within is crying out for more!  Even the earth is groaning for something coming.  And He is here!  Jesus has come to set us free and to open His storehouse of blessings galore!  These times, they are a’changin’!   Grief is turned into dancing!  I am so glad! 


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