St Patrick’s Day is this month, green blades of grass are emerging (maybe), and new growth is anticipated everywhere!  I love the color green, and since grass is green – it’s a color we see all over the earth where life is present!  I thought it would be so fun to incorporate this color into our date night ideas for the month of March.  Here’s how:

  • Green Apples and Turtles: There’s this amazing salad I recently saw and here’s how you make it – party sized bag of snickers, 8-10 green apples, whipped topping – that’s huge so you can downsize if you wish.  Cut the snickers into bite sized pieces, as well as the apples, and add to a bowl with 2-3 cups of the topping.  Stir and serve immediately!  This would be great for a double date with another couple – and have this as your dinner!  Then watch this cool Netflix show all about turtles! It’s called Turtle: The Incredible Journey.  Finally, hand out sketch paper and green pencils and have each one try their hand and drawing a turtle.  The winner gets a turtle candy to take home!

  • Celtic Dance and Music – There are Irish dancing tutorials on YouTube – seriously!  And they’re so fun – so clear your floor and dance some more!  Download Celtic instrumentals and listen together, as you sip on green juice you’ve made together in the blender!  See recipe here.   If you want, you can even check out a book on Ireland and dream about a vacation there… And see the photo to the right?  Who says you have to only enjoy apple cider in the fall?

  • Green Enchiladas and Tortilla Soup – Go out for dinner to your favorite Mexican food restaurant and share both of these meals together. Make sure to squeeze green lime juice over the soup! Or you could make both of these at home.   Scour your city and find a fun place to play pool on that green felt table, and get a little competition going for fun!  Sounds like a nice date night, to me! 

       Here’s a super easy and tasty tortilla soup to make at home: 2 cans each of cream style corn, Rotel diced and chicken broth, 4 boiled           diced chicken breasts, 1 tsp cumin, ½ bunch chopped cilantro, S&P to taste. You just place all in a pot and simmer 20 minutes and               enjoy! Serve with avocado, cheese, and sour cream – with broken chips on top! 

  • Greenbacks, Anyone?  - Give each other $20 each in one dollar bills – those green slivers of paper that add up to big bucks. Stop first at the dollar store and purchase two things for each to wear or put on (lipstick, scarf, socks, deodorant, fake flower, hair clip, mask or headband – a green one maybe!).  Stop at a drive-thru and each spend $5 more on one item from the menu and share.  (Bring water bottles with you so that you don’t have to purchase drinks.) Eat in the car and people watch, observing if anyone is wearing green!  You’ve each got $13 left.  Stop at an indoor arcade and spend $5 each playing 2-3 games – that’s all – then leave laughing for joy.  With the $8 each that’s left, stop for a decadent dessert at a quiet coffee shop or restaurant, and smile.

  • Herbs in a Box – Gather materials or purchase one already made, but create an herb box.  Or just a tiny one for the porch.  Go together to your local nursery and ask which herbs will grow well in this season, get the dirt, and plant them together.  Wash up and head out on a walk through your neighborhood and point out signs of new growth.  Find a park bench and settle down for a few minutes to enjoy a few green jelly beans or Jr Mints you’ve packed to take with you.

Coming up Green
by Marcy Lytle

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