We opened the blinds in our bedroom and looked out back and were shocked.  It was mid-January and there were profuse blooms on our rose bushes that had already gone through a freeze back in late fall and had been unattended totally…and yet they bloomed.  Of course, we grabbed some snips and cut them and placed them in a vase and they were stunning.

All of our area began responding to the unusually warm temperatures we were having in the winter and began budding and blooming and growing.  Somehow, these plants didn’t realize the season was winter and that there were probably going to be freezing temperatures before spring actually arrived.  They didn’t care, they felt the sun and its warmth and there they were!

Fast forward a few weeks into early February and it surprised all of us (because it’s a RARE treat) by snowing and freezing one night after an almost 80-degree high the day before.  Yes, it’s why we Austinites are keeping it weird – partly at least – because of our crazy weather.  Those crazy plants were now going to be covered under a blanket of that wet, cold, freezing stuff and it was going to dampen and kill the beauty that had already emerged.

Was nature fooled?  Are roses and blades of grass just stupid?  Didn’t God make the earth so that it knows when to emerge its blooms safely, after the danger of all freezes has passed?

Apparently, there’s something to be learned from observing the beauty of these roses that bloomed when no one was looking or expecting…

I noted a few things:

  • They felt the warmth of the sun

  • They were planted and solid

  • They didn’t know or care about the future

  • They just grew


Don’t you wish you were like those roses?  Don’t you wish you could just respond to His great love daily and dig deep and bloom where you are, without planning and worrying about the “What if a freeze happens and I die” question?

Roses were made to be beautiful and stunning.  They also grow thorns (what’s up with that?)  But they were NOT GIVEN the spirit of fear of blooming in the dead of winter, like so many of us are.

  • Maybe you are afraid of what’s lurking in your future

  • Maybe you feel his warmth but you’re questioning his timing

  • Maybe you’re unsure if your roots run deep

  • Maybe you just need to grow


We both stared at the roses we placed in the vase that day and I even let them stay the way they were growing on the stem – sideways – because they looked pretty that way.  Their color was maybe even more vibrant than they are in the spring.  And the reason we saw them was because of their untimely appearance that drew us to notice.

Spring is coming, and that’s when things are “supposed” to bloom as we care and tend and plant and water.  But actually, we don’t have to worry about blooming at the wrong time, or losing our leaves in the heat of the summer, or if we have the prettiest color in the garden. 

All we have to do is respond to His warmth when we feel it in our souls, and we will grow.  Winter, spring, summer or fall…that’s all.  We, not the roses, were actually the ones fooled and frozen in our tracks when the beauty took us by surprise…


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Fooled and Frozen
by Marcy Lytle

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