I woke up recently with “watering hole” on my mind.  Sometimes, early morning thoughts lead to early morning writing, so I decided to just google those two words.  That phrase means “a place where people gather socially.” For example, a certain bar may be a watering hole in a city because folks enjoy the drinks and the conversation there.  Maybe a farmer’s market or a coffee shop is a watering hole because it’s pleasant, friends go with us, and we end up staying a while to enjoy something tasty or warm.

For me, I think the watering holes in my city where I enjoy gathering might be the lawn downtown where summer symphony concerts are played and people gather on blankets with picnic food in hand, the park in my city where families show up to fly kites on a windy spring day, or downtown SOCO – a street lined with eateries and shops and vendors. 

People gather where they can be fed, free, and feel…all the feels.

A watering hole provides drink for the thirsty, conversation for the lonely, and goods for the needy…whether that be friendships or actual wares for sale.

We were out with another couple on a date recently and saw a group of people playing a game that looked like Bocce Ball, but upon closer inspection, we saw that it was a different game altogether.  One of the players saw us stopping and watching and he walked over to us and began explaining the game.  It was a French game called Petanque and it’s played with metallic balls on hard dirt, in public parks. 

He went on to extend an invitation to join in the game, because that was part of the game – to invite people to come and play.

What a great idea! 

This game is coming to our city, he explained, and I could tell that it’s going to be a watering hole wherever it’s set up – because it provides those components!  Those who are thirsty for a thrill can play the game to compete.  Others might just want the friendships and conversation that take place while waiting their turn.  And still others might enjoy just sitting and watching while snacking and smiling, at the fun others are having.  We enjoyed standing there and doing just that.

I’m not sure why I awoke with this phrase on my mind, except now that I’ve looked it up and thought about it, it sounds so pleasant a peaceful – a watering hole.

It’s not a black hole, where we vanish away from sight.  It’s not a sink hole where we fall and hurt ourselves.  But rather, it’s a watering hole where we go to be refreshed ourselves or…we create to refresh others.

I’m going to think more about what watering holes I enjoy and why, and I’m going to try and visit those more, so that I stay refreshed.  And I’m hoping that I can be part of creating a watering hole for others so that they are fed, they can come freely, and feel all the feels of HIS love.

Watering hole.  What pictures or feelings does that phrase evoke in you?


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by Marcy Lytle

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