In Numbers 9, God's people were bitten by venomous snakes because of their unbelief, and many of them died. But when they repented and Moses prayed for them, the Lord had Moses make a pole with a snake on it, and anyone who was bitten by a snake and looked at the snake on the pole did not die. God made a way to survive the poison. 


In John 3, Jesus was compared to the snake on the pole.


It has taken me many years to know how to look at him. I wasn't always filled with joy trying to find him, partly because I didn't always understand how much joy he felt toward me. But he has not seemed to mind the process nearly as much as I have; he has been gentle and patient and has rewarded my desire to see his face and to know him as the healer he truly is. 

Who is he?


He is faithful, he is loving, he is our strong tower and our foundation rock.

He is altogether holy and beautiful.

He is humble and sacrificial and relentless in his pursuit of us.

He is our perfect Father and the lover of our souls.

He has been willing to go to the lowest place so that we can be with him in the highest place.

He is joyful and positive and full of life.

He judges perfectly and always makes a way where there is no way.

He is our hero.


And he is everything any of us truly, deeply long for. He made us so he can know us so he can satisfy us, and all we have to do is say yes to him.


This is what I look at when the snakes bite. When I'm tempted to feel hopeless and defeated. 


I look at who he is. 


Waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness

My God, that is who you are - Sinach

Where are You Looking?
by Pam Charro

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