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Easter is this month, and no doubt you and the kiddos will either dye or hunt real or candy eggs, eat some delicious food with family, maybe buy some new clothes…and see images of Jesus on the cross and then the empty tomb.  Easter is such a fun time with kiddos!  And the message of Jesus’ forgiveness of sin and conquering death is HUGE – a must for our kids!

But here’s another take on that image of the cross.  Jesus was stuck to it with nails, nails he could have called for angels to remove, but he hung there stuck like glue until his work on earth was finished.  And our kids need to know that Jesus is stuck like glue to them, as well, when they believe!

Preparation:  Kids need a pencil with an eraser, and white paper.

Proverbs 18 says there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. 

A brother is pretty close – he lives right in the next room to you if you have one!  Or maybe in the same room!

(Draw you and a brother inside a house)

Brothers show up to every dinner, they come watch you at your games, they throw balls with you in the yard and its’ so fun until…

(Add a ball in your picture)

One day that brother gets mad, or you get mad, and there are mean words, maybe a fight, and you run to your room wishing you never had a brother at all!

(Put a big X over the brother in your picture).

See that X you just drew?  Well a cross is kind of like an X.

(Draw a cross on the side of your picture)

Jesus hung on that cross, stuck with nails that pierced his feet and hands, and he stayed there to complete the work his Father sent him to do – take on all the sins of the world – and offer us eternal life.

(Draw a man on the cross)

When we ask Jesus to be our Savior, his forgiveness enables us to forgive our friends and family.

(Erase that X on your brother and think about the cross and Jesus’ dying for you.)

When we forgive that brother, or he forgives us, the ball starts bouncing again and we play together with joy.

(Add another ball to your picture).

God’s word that says there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother is talking about Jesus.  He died but he rose again and he lives in our hearts and never leaves us or abandons us – ever!  He never sends us away.  He never closes the door or picks a fight.

(Draw another large cross between you and the brother)

This Easter, when we see the cross and the empty tomb, let’s give thanks for the One who is stuck to us like glue – super glue – that is!  He is always with us!

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