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I don’t have a large kitchen, so space is important, to use it well and efficiently.  I saw a wall pot rack that I asked for, for Christmas, so that I could then move all of my pots and pans out of my cabinets to free up those shelves for other things.  I also don’t have the cool rolling trays found in so many newer kitchens, but I found some solutions for that as well!  It was all so fun, so check out what I did:

The pot rack and the new pots and pans are from Amazon.  The pots and pans had been recommended by a friend and I love the color – a neutral – to go with my ever changing décor.  This rack hangs on the wall, and then hooks are also included for hanging each pan, and a shelf for a pot.  I already had a magnet board on the wall that had been holding small spice tins, so I removed them and left the magnet board for a backdrop.

This entire ensemble hangs above a rolling card in have in the kitchen, and I love how it turned out.  The wooden handles on the pots and pans elevate their look and these pans are amazing – non-stick and great and easy to clean up.  I am pleased!

Now, my cabinets had been freed up and I decided to use old baking sheets to create “trays” to pull out when I need dishes below.  They work great!  I just place a baking sheet on the shelf and then bowls or serving pieces on top.  I just slide out the sheet as if it were a drawer, grab my dish, and slide the sheet back in.  Voila!

I also found some really cool rolling bins from Lakeside Collections that fit perfectly on the lower shelf.  I can store lids, small dishes, and other kitchen items that are then easy to pull out and find.  Be sure to measure your shelves, if you order some of these!  I also have one beside my trash can under my sink that holds dishwasher pods and sponges.  The bins roll out, and then back in!

Small kitchens are a challenge sometimes, but then when we use our walls for storage, and search for bins to organize and corral items it sometimes makes our space so cozy and efficient, regardless of not having the extra space.

HOME - mar 2023 - in each room - bins.jpg
Small Space? No Problem
by Marcy Lytle
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