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That photo to the right…that’s NOT my kitchen.


In a tiny trailer, there comes a tiny kitchen with a tiny fridge. And with two growing teenage boys in such a small space, a visit to the grocery store often is a must! I try my best to only go to the store once a week, but my sons eat through things so quickly, a few more visits to the store is not unheard of!


So with all the eating, there must be some space for all the cooking items and gadgets! I’ve really tried to limit all the kitchen items to only essentials, but it’s so hard. My largest items that take up the most space are my pots and pans, next the crockpot, my Vitamix and…my latest thing I had to have is the nutr!


What is a nutr, you ask? Something I’ve been dying to have! It makes your own “milk!”


We can’t have dairy milk, so to buy oat milk or almond is much more expensive than regular milk.  I needed a machine that could make our kind of “milk” at a much more affordable price! Seems so silly, I know, but it’s my new toy and I had to basically shove it into the kitchen cabinet to fit into the tiny space!

New items   rarely  make it in  because there is   just no more  room in the inn!  But this nutr

HOME - mar 2023 - tiny living.jpg

made it and now we have preservative-free, filling “milk,” for the boys to drink, to put in coffee, shakes, and cereal, and to cook with. I love it!


Plates, bowls, and glass cups also take a lot of cabinet space and, of course, all the reusable water bottles! The drawers are filled with the usual utensils and we’re very limited on spatulas, ladles, and knives. We have one measuring cup, one baking bowl, a few glass containers for leftovers and that’s about it.


There’s not too much space to become a hoarder, thankfully. But I sure do miss having a little more room in the kitchen to where at least two people can fit! And I could always use a few more gadgets and a larger fridge!


But for now, this space works and we eat well!


Remember. Love grows best in Tiny Spaces!

Tiny Gadgets
by Leyanne Enterline
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