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This was no ordinary day at the park. The boys radiated with kindness, compassion, helpfulness and gratitude. For boys with an often times competitive spirit, showing nothing but warmth towards each other melted my heart. 


How did they show these qualities? Here's what happened...


Brendan expressed frustration that his plane kept taking a nose dive when he threw it unlike Matthew. I was proud of how Brendan communicated his feelings with a full sentence versus just his body language and a "ugh" sound i.e. pounding his foot on the ground and clinching his fist. It's a big deal because part of Brendan's disability of autism and speech impairment affects his communication skills. It's also a big deal because with words comes a clearer understanding of the problem. This provided Matthew an opportunity to step in and help his older brother.


Matthew heard Brendan, walked over to him, and said, "Hold your plane like this." Matthew watched Brendan follow his directions, making sure he understood what to do. When it looked like Brendan was ready, Matthew said, "Now do this." Matthew threw his plane and Brendan watched. (Brendan doing such a good job at paying attention was something to be proud of as well.)


Brendan gets into position, aims, and throws his plane. It soars and lands BEAUTIFULLY! 


What comes next is sincere gratitude.


"Thank you, Matthew, for teaching me how to do it." 


"You're welcome,” replies Matthew.


I was so overcome with joy that I told the boys how proud of them I was. Matthew surprised me with a hug from behind. 


Something ironic about that experience is that while Brendan calls himself an "indoor kid," it was his idea to go to the park to throw the airplanes. 


After flying airplanes, the boys moved to climbing the playscape. Now, as it turns out, it was Brendan's turn to guide Matthew. Matthew's confidence gets shaken sometimes as he climbs on something new. "I'm scared, he said." Brendan cheered him on. "It's okay. You can do it, Matthew." Matthew paused for a moment, but eventually climbed up the whole way. I was proud of both of them. Brendan for encouraging Matthew, and Matthew for being brave and not giving up.


Cherishing days like this gives me inner strength to keep being the best mom I can with what God provides.


If I can do it, so can you!

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Soaring with Kindness
by Michelle Wyatt
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