There’s verse in the little book in the bible called Habakkuk, chapter 2, verse 14, that says this:

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory

of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

A few verses later in chapter 3, verse 1, it reads:

Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord.

What if, this month of May, we as families across the nations placed reminders in our windows of the knowledge of God and his fame – in our own families?  And what if those who drive or walk by see our photos and our words and come to faith in Jesus, as well?  What if the lonely smile, the fearful lift their heads, and those who are sad become joyful?

Let’s do this!

Preparation:  You’ll need paper plates, construction paper, paper napkins, computer paper, tissue paper,…all kinds of paper!  You’ll also need markers, crayons and paint – something to boldly draw and boldly write!

Ask each member of the family to think of an attribute of God that they love.  You can choose from the ones listed below, or think of your own, and how to display it in your windows.  Here are a few examples:

Paper plate – Someone could draw a big sunflower using the plate. Color it brown and gold, and make a happy face in the center.  Across the arc at the top of the plate in bold marker write “Jesus loves you.”

Construction paper – Perhaps someone could take blue and green and other colors of paper and make a sky, grass, a sun and then draw a dog.  They could write, “The Lord is Good to all!”

Tissue paper – Let little ones squish them into balls and glue onto paper, or older kids make tissue paper flowers, and place this creation under an eave on the front porch in a vase or affixed to a plant that says “Trust in the Lord.”

Computer paper – Let one with great penmanship write in their best handwriting an entire verse, and then color in a few of the loops and circles to make it pretty.  The verse could be “Be Kind to One Another.”

Paper napkins – If you have a decorative paper napkin, let a creative one in your bunch design a place setting and affix it to a large piece of cardboard to set up against a wall on your front porch.  They can glue on a paper plate, fold the napkin (and make a ring), draw a fork, spoon, and knife and glue on a paper cup.  Underneath they could write, “In everything give thanks!”

There are endless possibilities to share the love of Jesus with the small world we’ve become now in our own neighborhoods…through our creative arts shared in the windows of our homes to those who look and see.  Just make sure the markers go on the paper and not on the kids’ faces…or maybe allow both!

And if we’re sitting by the window studying, working, praying or reading, we can look up and wave and smile, as the neighbor looks our way…

Let the World Know
by Marcy Lytle

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