I’m writing this article in April, with no idea if we will be venturing away from our homes come May or not.  Or will we still be sheltering in place?  It’s all madness, isn’t it?  Last month, we provided laughing for our date night ideas, and this month we’re thinking flowers – those beauties that bloom in May – might be a great focus for connection with him!

Flowers to draw:  Pinterest has so many draw tutorials for flowers!  How fun it would be to find a field of flowers, your own flower garden, or even flowers on line and both sit down to sketch and then color in the flowers – and then frame them – to hang somewhere in your house. Maybe on the back patio!  Try baking some simple scones to enjoy while you draw!

Flowers to eat:  Remember those nice edible arrangements people order and deliver to friends?  Why not make one of your own?  Take the fruit you have, shape it by cutting with knives, skewer it and then arrange it in a pretty jar.  Then eat it!  Add cheese and crackers, and you’ve got yourself a picnic!  Check out this video for a great idea to get started.

Flowers to plant:  Order seeds and start a flower garden in pots or in your yard.  Order together, short ones and tall ones, draw out a sketch of where you’ll plant each (read the planting directions for spacing and sunlight) and enjoy this creative activity together!  Enjoy this YouTube video before you start, for inspiration.

Flowers to arrange: Have you ever learned to arrange flowers “properly?” Now’s  the time! Or if you already know, teach him and make it a LIVE video – how fun would that be?  Or vice-versa if he knows how and you don’t!.  If you have flowers or shrubs or branches you can trim and use, go for it.  If not, make some flowers and then arrange them! I love these ideas – click here!

Flowers to give:   Virtual flowers.  There IS such a thing!  If you have an evening set aside for giving back, consider sending virtual flowers to a few friends with a note of encouragement.  Each of you picks another couple to brighten their day.


Maybe you can think of other flower “dates” to pursue and experience with him.  You could even create a garage scavenger hunt to find 7 things each and then arrange them in a pretty presentation to each other!  How fun would that be?

April showers bring May flowers…enjoy.

May Flowers
by Marcy Lytle

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