Have you ever awakened way too early, like 3am, and you’re wide awake and cannot sleep?  Once in a while that’s not so bad, but waking like that when you’ve been stuck at home for days is not a good way to start the day.  When it happened a few times, due to worry or just circling thoughts about this crazy current world, I was determined to go back to sleep.  I did not want to face the day THAT early.  If I got on up, by 8am I’d be ready for the day to be end…and it would be just starting!

I’m betting that most of us have not wanted to face many days, as of late.

  • We don’t want to face another day searching for groceries or toilet paper on line.

  • We don’t want to face another day of layoffs or pay cuts.

  • We don’t want to face another day of the news alerting us to the new “order” of things

  • We don’t want to face another day of increased numbers of cases.

  • We don’t want to face another day of being overworked, because our job is essential.

  • We don’t want to face another day of paying bills, when there’s no money in the bank.


You get it.  There are countless reasons we don’t want to face the day, whether we wake up early or sleep in.  Just getting up and getting dressed and showing up is an effort, when there are things on our agenda that are unpleasant and hard.  And yet…we have to face the day…because the time clock is ticking and it just won’t stop.

Early morning will give way to noontime lunch, and the afternoon will soon disappear with the evening sunset.  And we can look back and observe whether or not we faced the day well…or we pulled the covers over our heads and pretended that day never happened.

Photo by Doug Gephardt

So how in the world DO we face the day, when the day is just not pretty?  We read the Word and make ourselves smile, we sing a tune, we dance few steps, and we give thanks.

Psalm 118:24

This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

This is a familiar verse, but let’s break it apart. This day, whether it’s one we like or not, is another day we’ve been given, another day he has made the sun to rise, so it’s gift to us.  What we do with that gift is up to us.  And he tells us what to do…

We are to rejoice and be glad.  Rejoicing and being glad are not just responses we can only offer when life is good and pleasant.  These two can be choices we make, even when life is just not faceable (is that a word?). 

I’m thinking that if we choose to rejoice and be glad, solely because this is the day – the gift – he’s given us, then we can face it with determination and the will to give thanks. 


Even if our eyes are wide open at 3am.

A Day or Two
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by Marcy Lytle

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