I happen to love gray, cloudy, dreary days.  Not every day, but once in a while.  However, it seems most of us prefer sunny days – not too hot – but just right.  Too many cloudy days in a row dampen more than the soil – they dampen our spirits!  And that’s how it’s been during these days at home, like a long string of cloudy days where the sun is hidden and the gloom is looming.

Cloudy days are often accompanied by fog, which limits visibility.  It’s dangerous to drive in the fog, so we usually are better off waiting until it “lifts” before we venture out.  Especially, if we’re driving on unknown roads, we can easily not see other cars around us.

Limited visibility comes with long days of staying at home, as well.  We can’t see further than a few houses down the street, there’s really no places open to drive to except for groceries, and our vision begins to wane. 

Photo by Doug Gepharddt

But wait! The sun is still shining behind those clouds!

Cloudy days are often accompanied by a fine mist of spitting rain, the kind that’s nasty, cold, and the kind that ruins picnics.  At least one thing we can do while at home is picnic outside, but dampened days make for ruined food.  No one wants to picnic in the rain and eat soggy food.

But wait! The sun will soon emerge and dry up all the rain!

Cloudy days are often accompanied by lack of warmth.  The temperature in spring stays cooler on cloudy days than on sunny.  We have to bring out that sweater again and quicken our pace if we’re walking, so that we stay warm instead of chilly.

Long days at home, away from our friends and family and connections, also make us lose our warmth of well-being.  Missing out on hugs and touching and being near and seeing each other’s faces is like obscurity, slipping away into a coldness of spirit.

But wait!  The sun will warm us up again, as it burns the clouds away!

Cloudy days are often accompanied by cool breezes, covering of the sun’s hot rays in the heat of summer, and offer the promise of rain needed for crops to grow.  Cloudy days often give us a chance to slow down, read a book, enjoy a reprieve from life’s harshness…

But wait! Cloudy days can be good?  You bet they can!

And even though we’ve all had too many cloudy days to count as of late, there’s this wonderful promise that all things work together for good to those that love Him.  Even the darkness of job loss, health issues, depression and more – things that come with isolation and distance – cannot stop God’s goodness and mercy from pursuing us.  He’s the Good Shepherd, the creator of the Sun and the Moon, and clouds only mean one thing.  We either need to rest, the sun is too hot, faith needs to be reaffirmed, we need to pick up the pace, or a whole list of other things we can do on a cloudy day.

I hope we soon sing, “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.”

The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the sun is still shining…even when the clouds are still hanging low.

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