I hope, if anything, we have learned the need for community and connection while we have been on lockdown.  I woke up thinking about this, this morning, after noticing a few practical things at home like:

If my phone isn’t plugged in well to the outlet, it won’t charge.  That device cannot sit on its own for much more than a day before the battery runs down and my connection with my family and friends is gone.  The charging time is necessary in order for the connection time.

While we’ve been on lockdown and issued stay at home orders, I’ve missed face to face connections with real people.  So yesterday, we rode to a few friends’ houses just to wave from the curb while they stood safe distance away.  It was SO NICE to see their smiles and their faces, even though I could have seen that on the phone.  There’s nothing like real connection. Their almost 2-year old smiled nonstop as we waved and talked to her. 

If nightlights stay in the drawers and aren’t plugged in, their purpose is nil.  They’re supposed to light up the darkness so we don’t stumble over things and fall in the night.  But if they’re not in the socket, why are they even in our houses? 

We have several pretty nightlights we leave plugged in, in our guest bathroom.  This is not only for ambience and décor, but to illuminate this one room in the house that has no windows.  It’s the same with our stories, our tales of how we came into the “light” – if the light’s not shining, we need to open the drawer and plug in!

If my iron (yes, I still iron and LOVE it – favorite chore) isn’t plugged into the outlet, there’s no heat.  I can use the iron all day and the wrinkles won’t budge, because the heat source was never activated.  How dumb would it be to waste hours moving the iron back and forth, to only end up where I started – a wrinkled mess!

Electricity is needed for that iron to work, the cord has to be plugged in, the button pushed…before results can be seen and wrinkle places can be made smooth again.

I have worried some about the aftermath of this pandemic.  Will people want to plug in again with connections, or will they forever be afraid of face to face and hide behind masks and walls?  Will churches fill up again, or will people be content to tune in at their convenience and switch services if they don’t care for this message or that one?  Will folks want to gather for family picnics and games, or find that it’s too much interaction and stress?

I for one want to stay plugged in to sources that instigate a charge, provide illumination and smooth out crooked spots.  The pandemic caused panic and maybe rightfully so.  It has caused us to stop all connections in favor of staving off the spread of viruses.  But to stop all connections with all people would be a sad result, indeed. 

What are your thoughts?  Are you staying plugged in to sources that provide you energy, light and power?  We have to.  We have to stay plugged into truth, love, and faith.  Otherwise, we die.

Plugged In
by Marcy Lytle

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