Here’s Texas fall weather: It’s 40 degrees and chilly in the morning, and we’re so excited because it finally feels seasonal…but wait!  The forecast says today’s high will be 88 degrees…say what?  It happens repeatedly throughout the fall season where I live and it drives me nuts!  We definitely know how to layer our clothing, because we have to, in order to survive!  We might leave bundled in a sweater, and return home in a t-shirt.  We often heat up the car at 6am only to blast the AC at 5pm.  It really is enough to drive one bonkers, most days.

What I’ve started to realize is that when I know the heat is coming in the afternoon, I let it ruin the beauty of the cool in the morning.  In other words, I have a hard time enjoying the moment, the present, the right now.  And it’s because I know it’s going to end soon.

I do this with vacations as well.  Before we ever leave, I start thinking about how sad it will be when vacation is over and we’re back home.  And the last day of vacation I feel sad most of the day – missing the current fun – because my mind is already back at work and busy again!

My husband is the opposite.  He is very present in the moment and in the now.  He doesn’t think or worry about later.  He lives and breathes for our morning hug, his cup of dark roast coffee, the present work list for the day, and then when the day is over – he lives for the moment with a nice walk, the sunset, and…you get the picture.

He’s a man of peace 99% of the time, and I’m a woman of unrest maybe 50% of the time!  However, I have learned a few ways to train myself to be more like him, more in the moment, so that I actually enjoy my days instead of fret that they’re soon going to end!  It’s hard for me, and I have to discipline myself and make an effort, but when I do – I’m all the better for it.  And so are those around me!

  • I make myself pause and observe

  • I relax my mind with the Word

  • I give thanks for the cool AND the hot

  • I make myself smile (it’s amazing how often I realize I’m not!)

  • I stay in contact with others who are unlike me

  • I journal my thanks

  • I pray and ask for His help


I have an active mind, and I’m sure that’s part of why I’m always thinking ahead about the heat instead of pausing to enjoy the cool.  I’ve been known to miss the joy of a show, because I’m texting or planning or working.  Sometimes, I have to actually plan “down time” so that I can breathe and look up and look out, and see the trees blowing and the sun setting…because it all happens sometimes without my seeing it at all!

If you’re like my husband, God bless you.  What a gift you’ve been given.  And if you’re like me, let’s link arms (well, as best we can) and purpose to end the year of 2020 by being present, taking note, giving thanks, and stepping out in the cool breezes and smiling big…and then doing that all over again when the heat rises.  We can do this!


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