We asked our panel of women to share their favorite ideas for stocking gifts, because it’s time to start shopping!  We also thought maybe some are giving a bit less this year, and need some ideas to fill those stockings instead of pile up under the tree!  Or maybe you’re still able to do both. 


Either way, we wanted to offer you LOTS of options for giving those kids, spouses, friends something fun and special this Christmas! And we chose this old-fashioned fireplace photo to "warm" you up to the idea of filling those stockings with care...

By the way, if something is too big or the stocking overflows, we sometimes add a small sack underneath for the extras! 

The Accessory:

Earrings – These cute ceramic earrings are unique and so artistic – a great idea for her!


Vintage pouches - I’ve fallen in love with these little vintage zippered pouches. They run anywhere from 25-125 depending on color, seller, condition etc. They are the perfect size for Covid shopping. The larger ones are big enough for my phone, my keys, cash, and CC card.  They can be used for wipes, money, makeup, or maybe 500 paper clips...who knows! You can put several of them in your larger bag and then grab one out to run into the store. 

These little pops of color are from the late 80s to 90s...leather and have stood the test of time. You can find them on Ebay, Poshmark, Etsy, or other resale sites.  Pick a fav color to give....just the right size to go in a stocking. 


Scarf -  A small scarf that can be worn around the neck or the head is a fun find in a stocking!  Madewell has so many cute ones!


Hair scrunchies – Attic Salt has a cute variety, but so do lots of stores!  Buy a couple scrunchies and slip them down in her stocking.

Barrettes – They’re so cute in your hair!  Madewell has some beautiful clips for pinning your hair back, up, or to the side!

Scrunchie scarf set - she'll love these!


Food Stuff:

Mad Dash Mixes – I love these  pouches and they’ve all been super delicious.  First found them at a festival, and started then buying them on line.  Lots of choices – get a bundle!

Salad dressing shaker   - Durable plastic with sealed flip top. Different sizes available in this cute bottle for making homemade dressings!


Salad dressing maker – I have this cool dressing maker with markings on the side – you just fill and shake – and you have homemade dressing for salads!

Dressing to go - This is great for picnics. Salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, etc. I’ve even put soft butter in these to go.

My daughter loves hot tea, so a new flavor of tea and a fun mug are on my list. 


I love to shop World Market for mini food gifts, small packs of cookies, etc…and always a chocolate orange!


Lindt 70% dark chocolate bars are the best – especially kept in the fridge – for a snack – give everyone one of these!


These mini prep bowls are one of my favorite gifts ever – I use them all the time when cooking or for tiny pinches on a food board.


Have you seen these peanut butter knives ?   They are long and get to the bottom of the jar – a must have

Dove Promises Pieces - dark chocolate - so good!

Have you tried pecan oil or pecan butter - get them one of each!

The Whimsical:

Fun hosiery – My sister and I love these stockings!  Look at the fun patterns!


Circle of 5th - Wear it while you’re playing and it helps you find the key of a song.

Lavender Spray: If you're a fan of essential oils you'll love this product. Just one or two sprays on your pillow before bed and the sweet aroma of lavender will fill your senses and the feeling of calmness will put you right to sleep.

Head massage/scratcher – These are cute, feel good, and a conversation starter for sure!

When I’m shopping for stocking fillers, I like to find candies and snacks from different countries. I find a lot of fun items from World Market. They have many choices, and it’s fun to shop for them. I also find many items at grocery stores. I try to find flavors only sold at Christmas, or that are different from the kind I usually buy. (One year I bought jalapeño flavored M&Ms.)


There are those things that are “guilty treat” items that my family loves, and I only buy them at Christmas. One of those items is spray cheese (that’s what we call it anyway.) I think it’s really called Easy Cheese. 

Funny socks - for him or her - there are so many choices from Sockologie.


This tabletop cornhole game is a sure hit for him, and fun for all – from Attic Salt.

Colorful bandannas - for wearing, for napkins, for decorating!


The Kids:

Highlights Puzzle Books – they will love these! Just give Magazine Subscriptions PTP a call or visit them online, and choose your subscription!

Bubble Bath for the kids is great for a good smell and good fun!  Honest is a great choice.

Farm in a Tin - Cute set in a small vinate inspired tin for the kiddos - fun!

Magnetic travel games are awesome for road trips or going to see relatives this season! Or Uno on-the-go!

Tiny Rubiks cube or Lincoln logs or Etch a Sketch - the tiny makes them so cute and the kids will love them!

Tiny squishies - Kids love tiny!  And squishies are all the rage!

Pez – they’re still around and the kids love them – check out World Market for the latest.

Character pencil cases are the cutest for the kiddos.


The Practical:

Nail file - a crystal glass one for her !


Razor blades - whichever kind they use - are always a treat to find at the bottom of a stocking!

Stylus - for the kids and all that they're doing on line now!

Match sticks -  I love these cute matches that you can find at target! They look great next to any candle as decor and even have a place to strike the matches at the bottom!

Pencil case/bag - The kids, or the student, or the busy mom, or anyone would love this cute bag!

New garden gloves are a great stocking stuffer idea. Even in the winter months it helps my disposition to be able to work in the yard.


Fast food gift cards – These are the easiest, probably the most used, and they fit perfectly in the stocking!


Cash! – Just fold some up, or roll it, tie a bow, and slip it in!


Batteries are a great stocking stuffer for those getting toys or electronics – for sure!


The Body:

Supergoop sunscreen – This is one of my all time favorites when it comes to facial products. Sunscreen is such an important part of a morning routine and this cute little bottle makes it so easy to protect your skin throughout the day!

A rich nourishing lip balm is great for dry winter days.

Bath salts for a long evening soaks - in the tub. We are shower people the other nine months of the year, so salts are soothing! 

Kensie perfume for the purse or travel – it smells great – and it’s just the right size!


My two favorite products for skin care are from Gruene Witch Apothecary – their toner and moisturizer smell and feel amazing. 


Lynda’s Pride soaps not only smell amazing, and there are so many choices, but they’re priced well, too.  We just got some on vacation – they slip easily into stockings!

I love the Beekman 1802 goat milk bar soap.  It's fantastic!

The Inspirational:

Be the Gift by Ann Voskamp – a great read and motivator for the new year.

What about a magazine subscription, like Eating Well, or Magnolia Journal or Family Handyman?  Roll it, slide it in the stocking, and you’re done!

Check out this beautiful box of candles - you could divide them up and give them away...

Tablecloth weights are the best for inspiring date picnics for a couple!  I use these all the time!

For Him:

Pens – My husband loves a nice pen so I’m always on the hunt for something cool for him.

Soaps – Why not stuff a scented soap bar in his stocking, he might get hooked and want them all year!

Bend Lotion – This treatment has healed my husband’s dry rough skin and he swears by it. 

Honeycomb stick – If he stirs honey in his morning coffee, he’d like this stirrer.  If he doesn’t stir honey, then buy him the honey as well!

Look at this unique tiny tool for keeping him well and getting in doors!  Have you seen it?  So cool!


The Splurge:

Zymbol bracelet – One of my favorite pieces of jewelry I got last Christmas – and I think I’ll love it forever.  Check out the options and the story behind the jewelry!

Guitar capo - Allows the player to easily slide cap on neck while playing. Comes with lifetime warranty


Names necklace – It’s tiny and will be a sweet surprise in her stocking – a necklace with kids names on disks!


Initial and message – This initial necklace with “one in a million” inscribed on the back would be a nice surprise in the stocking.  From Macy’s.

Include a gift certificate to a painting ceramics class, where she can paint something cute and practical like a phone holder!

Stocking THYME
by Marcy Lytle

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