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This is a brand new column, where we will visit a different room of the house each month with some practical advice, inspiration, organization and more!  Hope you enjoy!

It’s November, candles are burning in every room, the scents of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and pumpkin (and soon cedar and peppermint) waft through the house…and we sit and sigh at the realization that fall is really here and we love it!  However, every year when candles become a house staple, I think about safety and fire hazards and all things related to keeping the candles burning and not anything else!  My mom would not burn candles at all, unless they were the electric kind, because of this very fear.

It doesn’t hurt to review some safety reminders when lighting and smelling this season of fall:

Make sure every candle that’s burning is in a jar.  This way, if on the off-chance one is forgotten to be blown out, the flame is safely contained inside.

Don’t burn candles where little hands can reach or be in danger.  A candle in the bathroom is pretty and smells great, but not if guests are over and little ones might dry their hands and throw the towel on the counter near the flame!

Always let another family member know that you’ve lit a candle.  Sometimes my husband lights a candle in the kitchen.  But if I don’t know it, he might leave and then I leave later, and it may still be burning!

Be careful blowing out candles, so that wax doesn’t splatter on your wood surfaces or even worse, on a piece of artwork behind! (Yes, we had that happen!)

Place candles on stable surfaces.  For example, if the candle has a lid and you place the candle atop the lid, it may slide off.  Jars set on anything precarious, where the candle may move, are dangerous.

Think twice before lighting a candle right by your bed before you go to sleep. Just be safe, and don’t do it.

I read that over half of candle fires at home are caused by their placement too close to combustible material.  Next to a plant, or a lamp, or under a hanging towel…things like that…are risky.

Remember…the wax is hot after burning.  Keep little kids away from even the temptation of picking up the jar to sniff or look.

Don’t place a candle under a shelf and light it.  Seems like a no-brainer, but the heat rises pretty high and can ruin a surface or start a fire!


I hope these tips help and remind us all to be safe when lighting candles this season.  Pampas grass is pretty in vases, but not near a flame!  And perhaps we might even consider a fridge magnet or reminder that says “extinguish” before we leave the house or go to bed!  Is there such a magnet? 


There should be…

Candle Safety
by Marcy Lytle