Last month, I wrote about not forfeiting peace and the photo I chose was one of a bench under a huge willow tree where I recently sat, in a beautiful garden.  I kept thinking about that bench and thought that date nights could be enjoyed on benches all over the city…even in November…why not?  So enjoy the options below, and choose one or choose all five as you give thanks this month, before Christmas begins.

Bench in a Park – They’re everywhere aren’t they?  They’re on long trails, to offer walkers a sit when they’re tired, so find one and take it.  Pack a warm thermos of your favorite fall beverage and go for an autumn walk, and find a bench, or two.  Pause and sit and just observe the other walkers, say hello, and look at nature.  Talk about the colors, the change of seasons, and just enjoy the peace of a quiet bench on a long walk, and rest…together…and smile.

Bench at a busy Mall – Take date night to the mall, inside or outside, depending on your weather!  There are benches scattered around, especially right near Auntie Anne’s if your mall has one of these…so grab a pretzel and sit.  Or maybe you prefer a chocolate chip cookie and milk, or another fun food you can enjoy together on a bench while you people watch.

MARRIAGE - nov 2022 - date night fun - bench2.JPG

Observe the teenagers that are there to hang out, giggle and flirt – and pray for them.  Reminisce about your teen years, and give thanks that you survived.  Then get up and shop a bit, and then find another bench if you like!

Bench downtown – If you live in a large city or a small one, there are benches downtown along the busy streets, or on the town square near the courthouse.  But these benches are in the center of town, where law and order takes place.  So head out to dinner at the restaurant of your choice in the center of town, then take a bench outside.  Maybe go to lunch, if nights are already too cold.  Sit and talk about your city and pray for your officials. Consider printing out a history of some of the historical buildings and read about them while you sit.  What a fun time!

Bench in a church – Okay, maybe your church doesn’t have benches anymore, many don’t!  But find a place to sit near or in your church and make it part of your date night.  Many churches do have a bench or two outside on the grounds, or near the front door.  Pack a fall picnic of nuts and cheeses and olives, and eat it on the bench, while you pray together for the leaders, those that attend, and those that stay away.  And determine, as a couple to be a light…

Bench on a Field – Is there a football field near your house where the benches are available to sit?  Take a brisk walk around the field for exercise, maybe even run, and then take a bench.  Pray for the students, the players that show up on the field, and the coaches.  Football season is probably over by now, but that’s okay.   A lot takes place when players are “on the bench.” Talk about your own experiences with sports, what you played, how you felt.  Get up and walk some more, cuddle up in a blanket, play a game, but take a bench and enjoy…

Maybe these date ideas are a bit unusual, especially for the month of November.  They’re probably doable in the south, but may be hard in the north.  So be creative and look for benches around your city, indoors and outdoors, and find a few for date night where you can rest, pray, share, eat, and all the things one does…on a bench.

Find a Bench
by Marcy Lytle