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We’re going to change it up this month, because it’s most likely you have your staple Thanksgiving recipes ready to go, you’re going to use simple recipes leading up to Turkey Day to alleviate stress, and what you really  might enjoy is someone else making your Christmas wish list you…regarding things you  might love to have for your kitchen!

We’ve put together a list of a dozen kitchen things that are awesome.  So if you need some ideas for yourself or the others in your family or on your list, here you go:

New Tea Towels – I’ve tried a lot.  Some are too thick, some are too thin, some don’t feel good, all sorts of issues with towels!  But I recently found the perfect tea towels that I love in pattern and texture!  So pretty, and a great idea to update your stash.

A Pretty Olive Oil Bottle – If your olive oil bottle is just the one from the store, you need one that’s pretty, one you can sit by the stove where you use it all the time, one that goes with your décor.  We found this one on Amazon.

Rolling Bins – I’ve mentioned these before, but I can’t praise them enough. These might be something you wouldn’t buy for yourself, but your family might buy for you!  Lakeside Collections has these, and they fit nicely (be sure and measure) under a cabinet and hold a lot…and they roll out!  A no-brainer win/win.

Tiny Tent Calendar – I have this on a shelf in the kitchen and it’s great for looking at, to see what day it is, and I love flipping each month.  Takes up hardly any space at all and it’s so cute.  Found at Barnes and Noble.

Lazy Susan trays – These have enhanced my refrigerator organization immensely.  I use them for all the jars…keeps them organized…and all I have to do is twirl and select.  They’re great in the pantry too for canned goods and small jars.  Seriously, one of my faves!

Baskets for the Top – I found three of these cloth baskets with handles (the handles look pretty) that fit perfectly on top of the fridge!  No more clutter up there!  One holds coffee my husband receives monthly in his coffee club, one holds plastic bowls with lids, and the other is for miscellaneous.  Out of sight in the baskets, and the baskets are so pretty!

Label Maker – We just received one of these by a fluke from somewhere, and it’s come in so handy.  I would have never thought to buy one.  It’s great for labeling jars, folders, cabinet shelves, and more.  And it’s fun to use!

The Meat Chopper This gadget has been a game changer for me.  It’s great for breaking up ground meat when you’re cooking.  I just keep mine out on the counter, because I use it so much!

Cookbook – Yes! Maybe you find your inspiration from your phone, laptop, or elsewhere…but having a new cookbook is a treat! I have one called Boards, Platters and More that I love.  It’s by Taste of Home. I love the photos and ideas for boards, but it includes the recipes for all the little snacks and bites, as well! A great resource for the winter months ahead!

Kitchen Scents – Ask for candles!  Kirklands always has such fragrant ones for the season. They also go on sale quite often!  If you’re not burning a candle first thing when you get up in the morning, to enjoy while you make your coffee and get going…you’re missing out!  Don’t like to burn candles?  Try ScentChips – and one of their seasonal covers!

Teapot – Maybe you have an old one stashed away, or yours is not pretty and decorative.  Ask for one that goes with your décor, or one that sparks joy, or one that’s beautiful and practical…and keep it sitting out so you’ll actually drink that cup of tea and sit down, and relax.

TIPS - nov 2023 - in the kitchen.jpg
TIPS - nov 2023 - in the kitchen2.jpg

Clear glasses – not for drinking, but for making parfaits. They’re the easiest and quickest and cutest snack/dessert to make in a pinch.  Layer fruit, cake or muffins, and Cool Whip with shaved chocolate over top.  It looks pretty through the glasses, and it’s a great way to end the week with those little bits and pieces of things you have leftover to eat!  Be creative and layer away!


Chicken tortilla soup

  • 2 cups zucchini diced

  • 2 cups frozen carrots and peas

  • ½ c white onion diced

  • 2 cups shredded chicken



  • 1 32oz can diced tomatoes

  • ½ c white onion roughly sliced

  • 1 cup packed cilantro

  • 2 large cloves garlic

  • 2 cups chicken bone broth (one carton)

  • Salt to taste



Your Christmas List
by Marcy Lytle
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