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Your family is coming over more this time of year, or maybe you’re hosting Friendsgiving or visits with friends because it’s getting colder and darker earlier.  They’re going to be using your guest bathroom, and it’s that time of year when it was just Halloween and now it’s the month of Thanksgiving…so maybe you want your guest bathroom to be inviting and warm and cozy.  Here are some suggestions just for you:

Visit the Dollar Spot at Target and get a few things for a shelf or the counter.  Maybe an elevated tray, a few pumpkins (yes, they’re great for November), a tiny wreath, and a candle.  Group them in odd numbers wherever you display them and make them pretty.

  • Consider a new hand towel, one in fall hues like orange or dark yellow, or even brown.  Have at least two available, to trade one out while the other one is being washed. World Market has such pretty ones.

  • Shower curtains are fun to change out, if you wish.  We recently opted for one that I’ve been able to keep up for every season.  But there are fun ones with leaves on them, or squirrels or owls….all in shades of autumn.  Check Amazon for a fun one.

  • If you have a cabinet with doors, take them off and display the shelves without the doors! One can be used for just décor and a sticky light to illuminate the pretties.  Or set a basket and roll the towels and cloths inside for guests to use.

  • What’s your soap dispenser look like?  There are SO MANY pretty ones found at discount stores, very affordable, to switch out for this month only.  And even add a scented soap bar for the bathtub or shower, one you might find at World Market or at a booth in a fall market outdoors.  Pecan or pumpkin scents, or something with orange!

  • Is the back of the toilet available for a small basket to hold extra rolls, and room freshener?  It seems the Dollar Spot at Target always has these too!  This way guests don’t have to open drawers and cabinets to find what they need.

  • Finally, check those rugs.  How old are they?  Could you switch one to a fall/autumn hue to go with the rest of the room?


Stand back and see if your guest bath is now inviting and pretty, full of nice scents, and up to date with the time of year…because in a few weeks…you’ll want to switch to Christmas…won’t you?

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The Guest Bath
by Marcy Lytle
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