Up to the Atmosphere Up to the Highest Height

Fridays are family movie nights for us. We have enjoyed this tradition for years now and each week, every member of our family anticipates eating take-out and sitting together, laughing loudly, or holding our breath during a suspenseful scene. It’s a time for us all to take a break and is a much needed moment of relief and reconnecting.


One week over the summer, we chose Mary Poppins - the original movie. The height of the show is when Father is fired from his prestigious position as a banker. This subplot starts with a special day where Jane and Michael join Father at work. On the way into the bank, they witness a beggar woman crying for passers-by to pay and feed the crowd of crows around her. Michael is moved to give his two-pence to the beggar. Father works to convince Michael, as does the large group of much older and wiser (and wealthy) bankers, to instead open an account with his money. The older group of men goes on to idealize how prestigious, accomplished, and powerful money can ultimately make the young boy. 

Michael, however, was forewarned by Mary Poppins about the opportunity to give his two-pence to the woman. He cannot be persuaded to go along with the group. His resistance creates a ruckus and ultimately leads to Father being fired. 


Let’s Go Fly a Kite

This desperate moment culminates in a beautiful opportunity where Father has the freedom to fly a kite; the very thing which introduces us to the children in the first place. They are free. Now, Father is too. 

What would you do if you were free? Would you paint your home emerald green? Would you declare every night family game night? Would you skip dinner to find a creek to skip rocks in or find a place to try out your kayak?


Investing in the Pause of this Pandemic

I pray that this encouragement doesn’t come too late for you, dear readers. Our community is pushing forward, moving ahead . . . with life as usual. I wonder if we haven’t fully embraced the opportunities the pandemic provided. 


Let’s paint our cabinets.

Let’s dance in the rain.

Let’s stop to watch the storm roll through. 

Let’s enjoy this moment because it won’t return.


Has it been hard? Yeah, Buddy. 

Has it similarly been an invitation to step into something new? Yes. 


As I contemplate the required intentionality essential to embracing today, I wonder: Is this biblical? Is this something Jesus would have his people practice? For me, the answers are yes.

If We Were Free
by Jennifer Lytle

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