Just a Touch
by Marcy Lytle

Kitschy charm jewelry – Check out this American coin bracelet from Overstock.  It’s a little bit chunky, it’s whimsical, and it’s something I would totally wear with a sweater or blazer. 


I love each little charm and the fact that it’s Americana!

I don’t know if you’ve bought lots of new clothes for this season, or if you’re frustrated with the selections in the stores you venture out to, or if you’re afraid to buy on line, or where you fall on the spectrum of new clothes buying! However, I’m betting that a lot of us have been limited in what we’ve found and maybe are a bit sad that we don’t have a more new clothes, or much of anywhere to wear them!

Maybe…this fall we can add just a touch of an accessory here and there, and create whole new looks with what we already have in our closet! Accessories like handbags, totes, pins, scarves, jewelry, and more can elevate a look so much!  And they don’t have to “fit.”  They just have to be worn and enjoyed!

We’ve searched and here are some of our favorite fall accessories for this season:

Embellished bag – Apparently, these are in this fall!  And just one bag with a plain outfit will elevate your look, totally!  Check out this beautiful gold clutch from Walmart!  Carry it out to dinner, even if you’re eating on a patio – totally will make your outfit!


Retro wide brim hat  - This hat would look so pretty with your winter beiges and whites, or with a flannel tunic, or a jean jacket over a flowy dress.  


I’ve found that if I pin my hair on top of my head with a small clip, my hair doesn’t go flat when the hat is removed! 


This hat is so cute, from H&M.

Silk scarf or bandanna – I recently ordered both of these from Madewell and LOVE THEM. 


Scarves can be doubled (one shorter than the other) around your neck, rolled and worn with a side knot on the head, or even tied on a solid bag! (get my links)

Pearl earrings – Take a simple solid crewneck sweater and a pair of jeans, and dress up your outfit with one pair of pearl earrings.


These from JCrew Factory are just the pair to try!


Chunky chains – I think it would be so fun to layer chain necklaces, because chunky chains are in for fall! 


These options from Madewell are super cute and affordable!  Wear them over your chunky sweaters…or against your tight turtlenecks! 

I'm wearing this in the photo above!

Slim sunnies – Thin sunglasses are in this fall, and we really like this white cat-eye pair from Amazon.  Can you imagine it with a fall scarf wrapped around your head, windows down, and getting those Audrey Hepburn vibes while you cruise! I love these!

Look through your closet and put together your favorite cozy outfits, then think how you could add a pop of something to create a whole new look for fall.  It could be a fun animal brooch, a statement ring, any of the above suggestions, or more!  Share your looks with us!



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