It’s the month of December, and I’m sure this particular month places a lot of stress on marriages.  There’s how much to spend, whether or not to buy that gift or this one, if you’re going to get HIS family gifts or if he’s going to do it.  You most probably will want help with the kids if they’re underfoot, as the house needs to stay nice for guests, and oh – what about traveling to the in-laws?  Is that happening, or not? Those are just a few of the seasonal issues that crop up between now and the end of the year! 


And all of these can cause arguments!

One thing we do in the month of December is try to focus on something Christmassy every day, most of which are small and simple things that evoke gratefulness, peace, joy, hope, or just pure and simple pleasure.  So listed below are some of the things we do, and I hope you find time to do as well, so that you can find time to hold his hand, breathe, and realize that all of the above things will soon be over…but these memories of time together will linger…

Here are 25 ideas for you to try, to make each day with him count, so that when the decisions have to be made, you’re both in a good state of mind:

If you have 5 minutes:

  • Listen to a Christmas carol together before you get out of the car.

  • Pop open a box of Junior mints (the Christmas peppermint version!) and share it with him.

  • Stop by a drive-thru for holiday treat.

  • Text each other sweet compliments and love.

  • Leave a note on the counter for him to find before he leaves for work.


If you have 15 minutes:

  • Take a walk hand in hand, around the block.

  • Have a conversation about that long list of to-do’s, split it up, and hug when you’re through.

  • Heat some hot chocolate or cider and get creative with your toppings, using what you have at home.

  • Clean your car together, and you’ll both be happy you did.

  • Talk about New Year’s Eve and plan it, so you have that to look forward to now.


If you have an hour:

  • Enjoy fondue for two and watch a show.

  • Make breakfast together and have a picnic on the floor.

  • Stop and buy an impromptu gift for a friend and deliver.

  • Stop in a bookstore and browse, sip on coffee, then sit down and visit.

  • Meet each other for lunch, and then share a decadent dessert!


If you have two hours:

  • Watch a Christmas movie together.

  • Invite another couple over and play Christmas charades, sipping hot chocolate or toddies.

  • Find a neighborhood with great Christmas lights and drive it, then stop in a local coffee shop in that area.

  • Wrap gifts and stuff stockings together.

  • Bake cookies together and bag them up for gifts.


If you have a whole day:

  • Get out of town to a small town festival or square, eat, have coffee and walk.

  • Start with breakfast out, shop for last minute items, have a nice dinner and go to a Christmas concert or play!

  • Stay in and have a holiday movie/tv shows/music marathon.  Don’t get out of pajamas, and do light candles.

  • Volunteer together a local food bank or soup station, or at your church, or by helping a friend.

  • Walk the mall, enjoy a pretzel, buy one thing each for yourselves, people watch, and end the evening with a movie.


I love having a list to work from, to look at, and to use as a reference.  He does, too.  So I’ll print out this list and have it up where we can both see it and be reminded to connect each day this month, in some small or big way, so that our home and relationship is joyful and not insane.

Merry Christmas!

The Most Wonderful Time
by Marcy Lytle

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