Have you ever given because you felt guilty, were forced to, or just because you knew it was the right thing to do, but your heart wasn’t really in it?  That kind of giving isn’t any fun at all.  Cheerful giving, however, can be super great fun.  It doesn’t involve someone asking you to sign up, it doesn’t create a strain on your wallet, and there’s no guilt if you can or cannot do it. 


It’s the kind of giving that just happens because you’re cheerful

and want to enjoy life and share that with others!

Why can’t date night be just that, this month?  What if we had a date night that involved giving, but it was super fun and satisfying…and romantic?  Can giving be romantic?  I think so.  Seeing him work and serve and smile and give is totally inspiring, and he looks so handsome doing it! 

Here you go:

  • A Night for Them - Pack up the kids or invite another couple, or even your parents, and GIVE them a night at the movies and a drive to see lights.  Surprise the kids, send an email invitation to your friends, or just call up an elderly couple and see if they want to join you on a night out.  I bet they’ll love it!

  • Accolades for All – Attend a concert or play or event that you know someone has kids in, or is starring in themselves, and be there – be present to clap, to bring flowers, or to just tell them what a great job they did.  Buy the tickets, and GO.

  • Give Attention – to each other!  You know what he likes, and he knows what you like, so give it.  Offer massages and foot rubs, and light candles and set the scene.  Watch a game with him, let him pick the restaurant.  Pretend it’s HIS or HER day and pamper them with the gift of love.

  • Toss Things – Go through a closet or shelf or room together and pack up boxes of things and stuff and go together to give it away.  Make some goodies to enjoy while you’re working, and play holiday music, too!

  • Tip the Teens – Set out on date night with a wad of cash and stop in at least three drive-thrus for a snack.  Slip a big tip to each teen that waits on you and tell them that they are loved by HIM and to have a very happy holiday season.


What else can you think of?  Incorporate giving, the fun kind, into your date nights this month with him and see if your heart doesn’t feel so full! In fact, it might feel quite large and you’ll fall in love with each other all over again.

Happy Giving
by Marcy Lytle

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