I’ve been studying worship this year, looking at the word and the concept through all the books of the Bible.  Verses I’ve read multiple times came alive in new ways.  That’s the cool thing about His word, it’s always alive for each season of our lives, with new blooms and beauty to enjoy and take in.  The verse that caught my attention this time was a familiar one:

Cast all your anxiety on Him, because he cares for you.

I had been reading about how obedience is part of worship.  It’s hard to have real fellowship with a holy God if we’re being disobedient to what we know to be right and true.  For example, if we hate our spouse or a friend at the moment, it might be a bit stifling and quite impossible to lift up a song of praise, thanking God for his greatness.  Not because we’re a bad person, but because hatred isn’t something we’re supposed to carry around! 

Back to that verse.  I hadn’t really read the verse before it. It says this:

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand,

that he may lift you up in due time. 

I began to ask myself, “Is holding on to my cares and not casting them over on Him being disobedient?” In other words, I felt that perhaps a bit of pride (and frustration) was keeping me from casting my cares on Him.  I felt the need to humble myself under his mighty hand and surrender those things to which I held such a tight grip.

What? I’d always assumed that God had grace for my weakness in that area, and He does.  However, I’d become accustomed to keeping my anxious heart and mind to myself, because in reality – I didn’t trust him and I was disappointed in His ways.  His ways don’t always include removing the things that cause us worry, but rather showing up in the middle of it all to bring us peace.  My insistent stomping of my feet at why in the world would this be His way had made me hold tightly to my anxious heart.

I don’t know how to relay this realization, except to say that I – for the first time – feel as if maybe I can now move forward with some of the anxieties I carry with me daily.  I’m barely beginning to understand these two verses coupled together, but I’m getting there.

I need to approach my Father in humility and realize that his hand is indeed mighty, that the truth is that he DOES care, and I can release my cares over to him, and let them go off of my weary shoulders.

It’s never his intent for us to walk around with heavy feet, because of fears on our backs.  In fact, carrying them just might be an act of disobedience.  Ouch.  That really hurts…his heart…and mine.

So just how do we actually cast those cares over on Him?  I think we read His word and see these truths, ask Him for his help, and trust that He will gently unroll our fists and loosen the ties so the heaviness slides into his hands, and we are free…

He’s great like that, our God.  So longsuffering with us, our entire lives, as he reveals more and more of who he is so that we can truly worship Him in freedom.

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