Our panel question this month was “What do you carry in your purse?”  I wanted to include some ideas for all of us, as we approach the holidays and start thinking of stocking gifts.  I always start buying these early, so that as Christmas nears, I’m not stressed over the bucks that add up in trying to find all of the small stuff that ends up costing a lot!  I love what these women shared, and I hope you will too!


Lip Therapy


I love my EOS brand lip balm that comes in a large sphere. There are times when I don’t want lipstick and I just need moisture. And because of the unusual shape, I can always find this quickly in my purse.

I have to have my chapstick! I really like either Softlips because it's easy to carry (long and thin). Or I like's also easy to find in my purse due to the round shape (like a ball).  (This must be a great thing, since two ladies cited the same reasons for EOS!)


I love having lipstick and some kind of lip moistener.  I’m so fair skinned that I need a bit of color.


The single most used item in my purse is Blistex Silk and Shine. I am allergic to lipstick...even the plant based ones.  I gave up long ago trying anything else. This product is my tried and true go-to.

Chapstick with SPF for me!


Mango sunrise by Chapstick!


I can’t go anywhere without my Lipsense Lip Balm and Rose Gloss.


I am loving NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Praline. It’s a great nude color and not sticky at all. Sticky glosses are the worst!


In my purse is my PowerLips Polish from Nu Skin, and my personal favorite color choice for now is Tenacious. It gives just a subtle hint of color and shine and lasts for hours.  



A Fresh Mouth


I carry the GUM interdental brushes. They are small, plastic, disposable, brushes about the size of a toothpick. They come in a small plastic case so they always stay clean in my purse. As I get older, it seems that more and more stuff gets stuck in between my teeth. These are perfect for just a quick on-the-go clean-up to get all those food particles out from between my teeth. I don’t have to worry as much that something is visible and my mouth feels so much better.

I must have mint or gum…I always need it and so do my husband and adult kids when they are with us – my purse is always the go-to for all of us, so I stay stocked up. Trident spearmint gum and Tic Tacs or Icebreakers, and Wintergreen or cinnamon Altoids are our faves!



Smooth Hands…and nails


I have to carry lotion in my purse. I am not particular to any brand as long as the scent is not too overwhelming. If we stay in a hotel. I will usually swipe the lotion because it's the perfect travel size. 


I like hand lotion, Bath and Body Works warm vanilla sugar…because the scent doesn’t make my nose itch! And I love antibacterial hand gel, since I’m kind of a germophobe.


I always have to lotion my hands. I have one container that looks like a paint tube – love it as it makes me think of using my artistic side whenever I can! It’s called Seeds For the Gardens of the Imagination  - a handcreme bottled by Margot Elena. I love love love this lotion!!


In my purse is always an emery board, since my nails are thin and break easily.


An item I love in my purse is my glass fingernail file that my sister gave me as a holiday gift. Game changer! I've since ordered them as gifts for others and more for me...for my husband, for the bathroom, etc. There are different brands on Amazon, and I ordered the medium size that comes in a full metal case. Love these!!


I like to carry a nail file, cuz a broken jagged nail that snags your new blouse needs to be put back in its place..


I also LOVE Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer that is Gingham – smells so good! And so clean after use – no stickiness


Gold Bond Radiance Renewal hand lotion is super hydrating and inexpensive. I have really dry hands and go through a lot of hand lotion so I was glad to find a great cheap option.


Avon Intensive Healing & Repair Hand Cream with hydra boost technology for my extremely dry hands is a new item I’m adding to my purse!



Writing Space


I carry a small cute notepad with a matching pen.  I never know when I might need it!


In my purse is a notepad and pen to keep the littles busy at events where they have to be still!


I carry a journal/notepad where I make lists of things to do, events to remember, and my grocery lists, with meals on one page and grocery list on another.  I love having all my info in one place!  A friend makes the cutest journals ever.



Key Spotter!


My car has a keyless open and long as the key is nearby. Because I've spent 4+ months at the hospital this year with my husband, I've used their free valet parking service a lot, which means I have to leave my key with them. It is hard to remove the key from the main ring, so on AMAZON I ordered a bright green leather wristlet type of key holder, which easily clips on/off the main keychain! Because it's brightly colored and fits over my wrist, it's always easy to spot in my purse or in the valet's pile!




The Eyes


I always carry two identical pairs of prescription reading glasses in my purse, but in two very different cases. I use the glasses in the bright green with tiny pink pigs on it  ALL the time if I'm out and most of the time at home, because I can find that case so easily no matter where I am and I KNOW it goes back in my purse. The other pair is mostly a spare, but are in a dark, sedated animal print case.


My purse has a first aid bag, but it is what I put together in baggies. This has been invaluable for about any situation I might encounter. Advil, Clartin(adults) Claritin(Children) eye drops, ear ache drops, Benadryl pills, Benadryl cream, Neosporin, Bandaids, Splinter Out, Emergen C, Alka Seltzer night time for colds & coughs. The only thing I am out of that I always carry is Lotrimin. (My 22 year old grandgirl needed it on our vacay and I had it). I have carried this ever since my grands started walking!! 



For the Kids and Shopping


I carry snacks for littles.  These have been awesome for kids in church & events.


I carry a small hairbrush for my own use, and for when I have the grandkids with me!



I carry store coupons, so hopefully I’ll remember to use them!  

I have this tiny bag that folds into a pouch, to have on hand for farmer’s market stops.  Or any kind of random shopping.  It’s so small, it barely takes up any room at all…from IKEA.


My purse is a mix between mommy necessities and toddler snacks, which if we’re being honest turn into mommy snacks quite often.



Two of us said we keep safety pins in our purse, you know, for those mishaps that occur!  You can carry them in tiny boxes!


My Apple earbuds find a home in the zipper pocket of my purse in case I’m waiting somewhere and need a song break. 


Doterra touch roller in Motivate is another must have. It smells awesome, and is a great mood booster and pick-me-up when I’m dragging. I’ve even used it as perfume when I forgot to put some on!


Flawless by Finishing Touch hair remover is quick, gentle, and great for those stray facial hairs that are only visible in the car visor mirror ha!


Within whatever bag that I carry I always have many little bags to organize my necessities. I found that too often I was rummaging through my purse looking for a lip gloss or my keys so I thought, "Why not organize it?" I have two bags, both from Old Navy, that I love. However, you can find small tote bags at any store like Target and Walmart. Inside each bag I truly have all the things you could ever need all the way from lip balm, bobby pins, hair ties, gum, tissues, and floss to lotion. 

I carry my White Barn Concentrated Room Spray (my favorite is Georgia Peach), but that varies from time to time. I’m very sensitive to odd smells and carry it with me to use as needed.


Purse Essentials
by Marcy Lytle

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