Okay, date nights are supposed to be romantic, expensive, and picture perfect, right? NO!  Date nights can be spur of the moment, crazy goofy, and only loved by you and him alone!  Since it’s the month for Halloween and weirdness, we thought we’d offer some date night ideas that might be out of the norm, off the grid of normal things that couples do.  After all, the whole year has been weird, so why not make date night weird, as well?

The Zoo – On our recent vacation we missed going to the zoo because of a hurricane storm that came through the town, so we are planning a date to the zoo.  Zoos are usually for families and kids, but why not couples?  Pack up some animal crackers and your favorite soft drink, and head to the zoo of your choice.  Hold hands, make faces, and enjoy the smells…and the sights!

Rent a Convertible – If October is still reasonably nice weather, consider driving around town with the top down, and a cute scarf on our head – Audrey Hepburn style!  Throw a warm plaid picnic blanket in the back, and pack some sandwiches and enjoy…stop at a roadside park to eat.

Finger paint – Visit your local craft sore and grab a canvas, one for each of you, any size.  Buy some finger paint and then drive around town for inspiration.  End up at a park or back home in your own backyard and spread a tarp.  Finger paint your masterpieces and find a place to enjoy them in your home!  For a snack, consider gummies of different colors!

Believe it or Not – Visit your local bookstore and find Ripley’s Believe it or Not book and read through it together.  Buy a weird novelty game or item, to take home.  Try something completely off the grid of your normal plate choice, from the pastry counter.  Try a drink at the coffee shop you’ve never tasted.  Enjoy the weird.

Only Vintage, Please – Find the area of town, or the small town you need to drive to, that has vintage stores.  Decide you go what you can spend, say $50 each, or $20 each.  Go hunting for treasures, either to wear or to set in your house.  Then find a candy shop and only buy retro sweets, like Razzles or Lemonheads.  Enjoy what used to be…NOW.

Happy October! Enjoy all these wacky ideas…and I hope it inspires you to think of your own and share!

Off the Grid
by Marcy Lytle

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