Tonight, after the day is passed, will I be in the same state of mind as I am this morning?

Will I have noticed the colored leaves falling in beauty, or will I miss every hue because I’m in a hurry to leave?

Will have seen the clouds part so that the sun shines through, or will I only gasp at the short downburst of rain and curse the fact that I left my umbrella at home?

Will I remember to give thanks for the jobs and provision that is ours, or will I grumble that I have to work on a holiday and that my computer needs repair?

Will I have stopped to text a friend to say I’m praying for her illness, or will I play a game of Scrabble instead and forget?

(photo courtesy of Doug Gephardt)

Will I listen to good music with good lyrics that lift my soul today, or will I read the news and become angry at a friend for the post she shared instead?

Will I listen to the laughter and the banter of children around me, or wallow in the whining of the adults that are cursing the government and leaders above me?

Will I love the ones that have left and abandoned, or will I hold onto hurt and avoid and hate?

When the sun starts to set and I think back over my day, I wonder what state of mind I will have, after the morning rush, the busyness of the day, the interruptions and the disappointments, the tiny failures and the big successes, the broken light bulbs and the working refrigerator, and all the minutes of the day that add up to 24 hours.

There have been many times when I’ve arrived at a destination after driving for miles, so preoccupied in my thoughts that I’ve wondered about all of the stop lights and signs – because I didn’t recall any of them!  I didn’t pray for that homeless man at the corner because I never saw him, and I missed the sunrise right before me because I was fumbling through my purse looking for that list.  I honked at the driver that cut me off and never realized that she had three children in car seats behind her.  And I sizzled in anger at something someone said to me, the entire drive, and missed an opportunity to sing behind the wheel.

It’s early morning as I write, and I’m taking note of my own directive, as I purpose to look up and out and see today – others and their needs and their beauty.  I’m thinking that tonight, when the day is done, I’ll be in a better state of mind that I was when the day began.

Won’t you join me?

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by Marcy Lytle

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