We had a crazy early, cold front last month that came in at the end of the second week in September, here in Central Texas! It got everyone excited for fall, including myself. Even though we all knew it would be short lived, it lasted one whole day! But hey! One day is better than none.

There are things I love about every season, but fall is my favorite. I love it because it brings refreshing, cool weather after months and months of seemingly endless heat. I love it because I can go for a run whenever I have time and not when it’s the coolest time of the day during the summer months, which (where I live) is before the sun comes up. I love it because of the colors, scents, and flavors that come out during fall. I love it because it’s leading up to some of my favorite holidays. I love it because of how cozy it feels to snuggle under a blanket watching a good movie or show. I love it because I can enjoy hot coffee and tea again; with enjoy being the key word. I love pretty much everything about fall.  

My love for fall has grown over the years. It hasn’t always been my favorite, partly because we don’t get much of a fall here. 

However, traveling to New England during their spectacular fall season for the past four years, soon to be five (fingers crossed) and living with my best friend, Abby, a lover of all things fall has forever caused my favorite season to be fall. Abby introduced my sister and me to what she likes to call “Fall Day.” It is the first Saturday in October, when we pull out all our fall décor, candles, and blankets in preparation for the first true change in temperature. We visit a pumpkin patch, make a fall desert, and watch something fall-ish.

I watched a funny video of a wife getting excited for fall even though it was still 90 degrees outside at the time. She kept saying, “Fall will fix everything,” and her husband kept looking at her like she was crazy. I know fall won’t fix everything, but it will be a welcome change.

Speaking of change…By the time you read this article, my sister and I will be settling into a 2-bedroom apartment. It will be my first apartment experience. Sadly, we won’t be joining Abby for “Fall Day” this year, but my sister and I will definitely being doing our own version. It will mainly involve unpacking and at the same time decorating our new living space with all our fall décor.

This will be a big change, moving from a house with wide open spaces to a small apartment in a 3-story apartment building. There are definitely pros and cons to living in either place, but here are a few for the apartment.  


-Less to clean and manage.

-It’s cozier.

-This particular apartment complex is closer to both our jobs, but not too far from family and friends.


-less space to move around

-2nd floor apartment, people above and people below

-it costs to live closer to work


No matter where I live, I want to try to be a good neighbor and an even better roommate. There are many things I can improve on in both of those instances. In the instance of being a good neighbor, I want to think of ways to reach out to people around me, whether it’s the people that live in the same apartment building, the people in the checkout line at our local HEB, or my coworkers. I sometimes fail miserably at being the kind of neighbor I want to have someone be to me. It all goes back to the first and second greatest commandments that God has for us:

We are to love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul, and with all our minds. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it, when we are told to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-39.) It all starts with knowing and loving God, so that I can know how He would like me to treat my neighbors, of course, always with love and kindness.

In the instance of being a better roommate, I have definitely been lacking in being the kind of roommate I would want to live with. I am guilty of not caring about changing some of my bad habits because my roommate is my sister and she will love me no matter what. If anything, I should work harder at changing my bad habits because my roommate is my sister, who I love so much and I know she loves me, and I don’t want us to resent each other. I always want us to become closer and closer.

In this new season, I will do my very best to listen better, serve others more, support my sister, and be more present because our time that we get to live together is a gift. I love my sis!

Let’s all have the best fall, yet, as we welcome the change in weather…and in season…and (for me)…in location!

The Best Fall Yet
by Bethany Gomez

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