I haven't always considered myself pursued by God; in fact, for many years of my Christian life I resented feeling that I needed to pursue him.


We have an enemy who so effectively misrepresents God, and I got so focused on what I felt he wanted from me that I was unable to receive God’s love. Sadly, I had been blinded to what my loving creator sees in me and I was unable to respond to him.


But eventually, I learned that he is the one who initiated the pursuing in our relationship even before I was born.


  • Psalm 139 says he saw me while I was still in the womb and that he has amazing thoughts concerning me.

  • Ezekiel 16 says that I had been cast into an open field and was kicking about in my own blood when he passed by and rescued me.

  • Matthew 13 contains two parables which suggest that I am part of such a valuable treasure that Jesus gave up everything to obtain me.

Photo courtesy of Doug Gephardt
  • In the first chapter of Isaiah I find God attempting to reason with me because he wants to offer me freedom from my bondage.

  • Hebrews 12 tells me that Jesus endured the cross for the joy set before him, he had his eyes on the prize, and I am part of that prize.

  • As Jesus' bride, Song of Solomon declares that I am altogether lovely and there is no flaw in me.


How can I respond to such love?


Even though I haven't always known what God was getting when he paid for me, he has known all along. His word makes it clear that he is absolutely smitten with the beauty he sees in me, beauty that came from him in the first place and that only he could redeem.


All I can do, now that I finally understand that, is pursue him in return.

by Pam Charro

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