Did you know that about 7 pieces of paper are the limit, in how many you tear together, in half?  I wondered how many and looked it up.  It’s a great exercise to teach the kiddos about being connected and not alone, and the power of being connected to HIM. 


It all came to my mind when I was observing little kids start back to school.  Many had meltdowns over the frustration of online school, missing their friends, and more.  Many kids are feeling isolated, since they aren’t allowed to sit by, play by, or be near the groups they once were! 

So…let’s use paper and learn a valuable lesson that hopefully will lift our kids’ spirits and remind them of the necessity of knowing that God is with them…

Preparation:  You’ll need seven sheets of computer paper.  You can let the kids draw a fall picture on each paper, if you’d like, of one of their closest friends or family members, until you have seven faces.

First, talk to the kids about what it means to feel “torn.” It obviously means ripped apart, like when a page is torn into two pieces.  But it can also mean damaged…which is how one feels when something bad happens…like being ripped apart in their heart.  And sometimes, even our kiddos feel torn apart with all of the craziness of the world.

Take one sheet of paper and let a kid rip it in half:  One sheet of paper is easy to rip in half, isn’t it?  It’s the same way with one lone person who has no friends, one person who feels very alone.  Any little disappointment can send them to their bedroom in tears.

Question:  When’s the last time you cried and what made you cry?  (Let one person answer).  Then you felt torn…that’s what we mean in this lesson.

Take two sheets and stack them and rip them apart:  This was still fairly easy, but not as easy as one sheet.  When we have a friend or a family member that we feel close to, someone we can talk to, someone that loves us, we aren’t as easily torn apart by disappointment.  For example, if a friend can’t come and play, maybe we have a sibling or a parent that can be with us and we can still have fun – two are better than one!

Question:  Which person have you been around lately that made you feel safe and loved?

Take three sheets of paper and fold them in half…so now you have six sheets of thickness.  Try to rip into two pieces:  Maybe mom/dad will have to do this – it’s much more difficult to create a tear in a thick pile of paper.  When we have lots of friends and family to surround us with love and care, not much can rip us apart, because we are surrounded with love.

Question:  Give thanks out loud for a family member that you love.

Take that seventh piece of paper and fold in half four times and try to tear it apart:  It’s impossible, isn’t it?

Jesus is that ONE that we need in our circle of friends to keep us together and safe and loved, even when everything in the world falls apart.  He keeps outside forces from ripping our hearts apart.  He’s the ONLY one that can do this, because people and situations cause problems, but Jesus is always the answer.  He’s the one that causes our lives to stay intact and untorn.  Isn’t that cool?

Question: Do you know Jesus?  Do you know that there’s a verse that says – There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother – like that seventh sheet of paper – and his name is JESUS.

All we have to do is call on his name and he comes to our rescue.  The Bible also says that the name of Jesus is a strong tower, and we can run inside and be safe.

Any time you feel torn or sad or lonely or far away from those you love, get a piece of paper and fold it four times (that makes 8 thicknesses) and try to rip it apart.  You’ll see that you can’t do it.  And that’s your reminder that JESUS is your buddy, your friend, your Savior, and your Lord…the one who holds it all together…when everything else is falling apart. 

by Marcy Lytle

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