Pumpkin spice is my favorite fall scent, but the title of this piece is Pumpkin Nice.  Pumpkins are the fall décor that can last right on through Thanksgiving, and I’ve even seen glittery silver pumpkins for Christmas!  Since these orange wonders are so popular, I thought I’d share some decorating ideas with pumpkins, in case you’re adding a few around your house this season. 

Pumpkins with lights – We have two of these.  It’s so nice to add lights to your home décor any time of the year.  In fact, it’s one of the four things to have when decorating your table, as well!  This pumpkin with lights attached, and this pumpkin with bulbs attached, is a great find and something you can place anywhere for pretty ambience.

Ceramic or paper pumpkinsThese little guys are nice to nestle around on tables or mantels, in groups of three.  That’s another decorating tip when placing small items on shelves – keep them in groups of three.

Hanging pumpkins – I found this really cute pumpkin tree on vacation in Smithville, New Jersey and have loved it ever since.  It looks like a fountain tree with branches that grow little pumpkins!  It looks great in a corner!

Pumpkins on porches – A sweet friend gave me this large metal outdoor pumpkin and I love sitting it on my front porch this time of year! 

Pumpkins on doors – I just found this so cute welcome sign on Amazon that changes out for each celebration – 14 changing pieces – and it’s so affordable.  It’s new on my porch this year, and it has great reviews!

Dish towel pumpkins – One easy way to decorate for fall is to just hang some new dish towels in the kitchen – there are so many cute options from trucks piled with pumpkins, to fall leaves and pumpkins, and more.


Pumpkins on rugs – This hearth rug might be my favorite piece of fall décor of all.  I found it on a fluke at Marshalls and have been hunting for other season hearth rugs ever since.  Providing a new rug at the hearth, the front door (going in AND out) or even in the bathroom gives a fall touch to the entire home!

Runner pumpkins – Change out your table décor and add a runner with pumpkins on it!  Set the table, enjoy the season, and keep a stash of seasonal runners in a drawer!

Cloth pumpkins - Have you seen these?  We have a couple on our shelves in our work area and I love them.  I found them at a discount store, but I’ve linked one for you here!

Pumpkin Nice
by Marcy Lytle

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