Confessions of a Christian Halloween Fan
by Angela Dolbear
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I love Halloween. The decorating, the cooler weather, the dressing up, the parties, and of course, the candy! Oh yeah--and carving pumpkins, and then roasting the pumpkin seeds after cleaning them out of the pumpkin guts. It all makes me smile inside.


That’s teenage me in the picture, dressed as Pippi Longstocking for Halloween, at my job at the Chino Music Plus store, circa 1988. Ha! I had really long hair, and classic pewter braces on my teeth.


Halloween also means fall is in the air. The heat of summer must give way to cooler temps. Ahhh…sweater weather! My favorite.


BUT (there’s always a big “but”), church sermons and blogs tell me I shouldn’t like Halloween. That Halloween is a time for evil.


So, I have guilt and condemnation over the joy that Halloween brings me.


I have done some research and read sermons and blog posts over the years. Nothing has provided conclusive Biblical proof that I must carve out the enjoyment of Halloween from my life.

I don’t see any evil in the seasonal aisles in Michaels and other craft stores. Candy and black cats are two of my favorite things, both of which I have near me in my office as I write. (Well, only one black cat, my Maddy, my sweet writing muse, a gift from God who I suspect may be some sort of angel considering all I have seen and felt, but that’s a story for another time).


I have seen real evil. It is not seasonal. I have encountered demon possessed people. And it wasn’t on Halloween. In fact, all my encounters with the demonic happened in church. On worship teams.


Think about it…if you were a demon, where could you be the most effective in destroying believers in Christ? Inside the church, especially in the leadership. Infiltrating God’s ranks. Disrupting the worship of God. (SIDE NOTE: If this topic piques your interest, I highly recommend reading “The Screwtape Letters”, by C.S. Lewis, and “A Tormentor’s Tale” by Angela Dolbear. It’s good to know the tactics of your enemy).


Little pumpkins and jangly skeletons are fun and festive. I witnessed a church deacon’s wife screaming at people, and then crying and mumbling, and then screaming again. All the while her face seemed distorted, almost pixelated. For real. No joking. It was not fun or festive.


But it wasn’t scary either. I know where that behavior came from (you could almost smell sulfur in the air). It wasn’t scary because I have nothing to fear as a child of the Most High God. I admit, the incident stuck with me, and is something I will never forget. But I was not scared.


Maybe scary Halloween masks and haunted houses are not good for some people. Having just read all of I Corinthians in the Bible, I try to be mindful of things that might drag other people down. If that is you, it’s okay. Stay away from Halloween if it bothers you.


But we should also be mindful of setting something up to be feared that should not be feared. Something that has no power over us.


And we should be wary of setting up our opinions as fact, in the name of righteousness. Especially, if the chief goal is to shame others, which is a Biblically noted goal of the devil. And he doesn’t need our help in tearing down believers in Christ.


So, I will celebrate Halloween by excitedly purchasing “Day of the Dead” decorations when they become available at the Dollar Tree because I love the colors and textures (I love Mexican culture, a by-product of growing up in Southern California). And I will keep loving Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, mostly because God spoke to me through the film, “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” That’s a story I wrote about in THYME some months ago.


And I will fear nothing, except the lack of wisdom to see God as the Almighty God over everything. He is my Heavenly Father who has unfailing love for you and for me. So, there is nothing to fear.


And I will take the opportunity while celebrating fun Halloween events with others to not point out the perceived woes and dangers of Halloween, but I will freely talk about my Heavenly Father who loves me and cares for me. No matter what the time of year is.



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