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Hamilton & Hico

For a long weekend, we drove about 2 hours to Hamilton, Texas and stayed in an airbnb (Texas Hill Country Ranch House on Pecan Creek) just a few blocks off the square, set on 10 acres by a creek, an old house that used to be a railroad office. Two charming porches, a railcar in the backyard, and walking distance to a trail that we walked each morning made this place so fun.

On Friday we arrived and found the house in tiptop shape, full of antiques and charm, and we made dinner (elotes pizza!) and relaxed. The expansive back porch was a welcome sit as the sun set, and we explored each little aspect of our place.

Saturday we walked to the square hoping to find breakfast at the market nearby - but it was closed because of July 4 weekend. We opted for a donut shop down the road, then drove down the road to Dutchman Candy Shop - a very long building full of homemade fudge, salsas and other goodies. It's a fun stop, for sure. We then shopped the square for a bit, where Jon bought his first pair of Huk shoes at Pecan Creek Outfitters - he loves them!

By then, we were hungry and opted for the meat shop Wenzel around the corner where we heard they had great sandwiches - the pulled pork didn't disappoint! And we had a table right by the window to people watch. The old jail and museum was now open so we then toured...

Back to the house to enjoy the evening by making potato rounds (glorified potato skins), played a Movie Trivia game (we'd gotten at Walmart), and again sat on the porch. There were two facing swings on one of the porches, a nice breeze, and big trees nearby.

Sunday we had breakfast at the house and took a long walk to the park and back. Then we drove over to Hico, another small town down the road. EIS was open (German for ice cream!) - the cutest sandwich shop ever - and our food was delish. Hico has a super quaint downtown with lots of stops, so we walked and stepped in most of them! (If you like upscale western wear, this is your town.) One shop Hico Popcorn made their own flavored popcorn, so we bought several bags. One flavor was backyard grill!

Next, we stopped at Wiseman's Chocolates - an old house where they make and sell all things chocolate and more. Worth a visit!

Back at the house we had a plethora of snacks from mini cheese balls, to spinach dip and even ice cream sundaes in waffle bowls. We watched the movie Operation Mincemeat on Netflix - very good and true story.

Fireworks were in the park and we were able to watch from the back porch!

Monday morning we took another walk because we could, and it was fabulous. We walked to Central Perk (yes, named after Friends) and had breakfast in the big house on top of the ill. The food was really good!

We decided to stop in Evant, Texas on the way home for the Buena Vista Drive Thru Safari. It was hot, so some animals were back under trees, but we enjoyed the ones that came up to the car where we could feed them. It's fun to drive through, even without kiddos in tow!

Last stop was Storm's in Lampasas, on the way home - my favorite burger and fries!

This weekend came right after my dad passed, and it was a much needed retreat to reflect and mourn...while away from our city and in an old house with character and history.

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