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  • Marcy Lytle

The Amusement Park

Since we've been ordered to stay at home during this unprecedented crisis, it's super hard to find creative ways to keep enjoying date night! But not to worry...you can have the amusement park adventure with just your car, sketch pads and pencils, your playlists, and some snacks!

Here's how:

Just pack up the above items and head to a scenic spot where you can park and be away from others...maybe by a lake or a park or a country field.

Exit your car and sit on the hood together, sketch pad and pencils in hand, and pick a landscape. Notice the details, sketch and draw, then share your masterpieces. It's relaxing AND fun.

After a bit, get back in the car and share your favorite songs or listen to the radio, and talk about how/why you like those tunes. It can be a great time of sharing!

Finally, open the back of the car - the trunk or the gate - and enjoy the snacks you've prepared. Bring cute plates or cloth napkins - make it a picnic to remember.

There you go - an amusement "park" of a whole new kind!

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