Shopping with boys. 


I didn’t think it would be as fun as girls, but it really was!  I recently shopped with a 7-yr old and a 4-yr old, each separately, and they had strong opinions about what they wanted to wear, and went into the fitting rooms excited to try on their choices! 


One wanted only jeans for winter, and the other wanting everything BUT jeans.  They each chose a few outfits, a new beanie, and shoes too!  It was all from Target…

These two guys are brothers, their Selah’s cousins, and they like individual attention.  I mean, who doesn’t?  Of course, we started out with a toy, and then the rest of the shopping was easy.  Our excursion included lunch from Chick-Fil-A, human watching, and cloud shape discoveries…after the bags were full.

Augie (August is his real name) didn’t want anything to do with jeans, so he opted for comfy drawstring pants that looks sharp and feel good.  He chose this colorful sweatshirt to go with, and it’s such a cute combo!

Isn’t this sweatshirt with a slice of pizza so cute?  Any tops with food on them are a hit with the boys, for sure!   And the Cat and Jack sweatpants fit like a glove!

Of course, we had to get the one that caught his eye first, and that was the Ghostbusters tee!  He can wear it over a long-sleeved tee for a cold winter’s morning.

Boys and girls are different and fun, all wrapped up in one big blast when shopping for clothes!  Stick to your budget, shop sales, go with a list, and of course…pick up a toy first!



Gideon went right to the shoes and picked out this gray/red combo sneaker.  The cool thing is that the laces are elastic, so he can just pull on the shoe without having to undo and tie again!  And these colors are great for winter!

My favorite outfit Gideon put together was this camo pants paired with this wolf shirt (well, it’s a bear, but he says it’s a wolf!).  I think he looks so handsome and youngman-ish in this outfit!

There were several beanie options, but since Gideon loves green, he went for this Minecraft beanie.  Just a few days post-shopping and it was cold enough to wear it!

Jeans were his pant of choice, and we found these nice ones by Cat n Jack with a flexible waist for that perfect fit!  There are these little elastic bands and buttons inside the waistline that can be pulled and cinched, so that there’s no gap in the back.  A genius fashion hack, for sure!

The Boys
by Marcy Lytle

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