When Mireya was born, her mom just couldn't believe that she deserved such a gift. “She is the daughter I always dreamed of,” says Chelsea. Mireya is sweet, beautiful and sensitive to the feelings of others. She loves music! Her mom is constantly adding new songs to her Spotify playlist that she thinks she will like. She learns the lyrics and started matching pitch at around two years old. She also has a sassy side and is not afraid to show it.  Mireya LOVES her hair and always wants to wear it down. Her mom prayed for those gorgeous curls and she’s so happy she loves them as much as her mom does!

Dominique (they call him Deuce since he has his father's name) is the cool laid back child that his parents did not know they needed. He started sleeping through the night at around eight weeks, which was when his dad to go back to work. Friends and family say that they can't believe how Deuce just goes with the flow. Unlike his sister, Deuce LOVES food. He will try anything that he’s given to eat and he rarely tastes a food that he does not like. Like his sister, he is sweet. He loves to wrestle, snuggle, and run around the house in his diaper.

This NASA shirt was a birthday gift from my cousin who is a NASA enthusiast. Shirt is Target and pants are Carter's.

This was Reya's first day of pre-K. She loves silly poses and her elephant backpack. Skirt is from Crazy 8 and backpack is from the Waco Zoo.

What a ladies' man! This was taken at our family photo shoot. The shirt is Carter's and the pants are JCPenney.

Just a normal day watching cartoons before school! This outfit is Carter's.

Reya is a big fan of "pink tails." Her mom enjoys finding holiday themed bows and clothes and Reya never disappoints when it comes to posing. This top is from Old Navy and hair ties are from Wal Mart.

The shark jacket is from Old Navy.  The appeal is pretty obvious, don’t you think?

Reya received this dress on her 3rd birthday as a gift. She was so excited to wear it for family pictures because it had "sleeves like Mayah" - her big sister.


Reya wore this dress for her 4th birthday. She picked it out at the store all by herself. This dress is from Burlington.

Mireya & Deuce
by Marcy Lytle

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