It’s September, by golly.  Summer is over and a new season is here!  Fall is my favorite season of the year, even though summer temps linger too long for my liking!  And while fall scents are popping up now; which will awaken our sense of smell, we have other senses that need awakening as well!  Waking up our senses can feel like breathing in fresh air, and give us strength to face this next season with gusto, not weariness!

The eyes:

  • Plan a drive to see fall color (or watch it on Youtube)

  • Purpose to wear a bold fall hue (start with a deep red – on your lips, maybe?)

  • Put away your phone when you’re outside, and observe the beauty around you

The nose:

  • Purchase a couple of new fragrant candles from Paddy Wax, and burn them each morning (my faves are the ones in the Library collection)

  • Peruse the internet for potpourri mixes you can simmer on your stove

  • Pick your favorite herbs (rosemary and basil) and smell them often.

The hands:

  • Pick out new linen for your bed or bath according to how it feels.

  • Plan a massage night for yourself, or with your family, back and foot rubs included! (Just include lotion, candles, brushes, music, and whatever you find around the house…)

  • Present something you’ve created with your hands, to a friend!

Photo courtesy of Doug Gephardt


The ears:

  • Pull out some old albums or CDs and play them, enjoying the lyrics that feed your soul, or easy listening jazz!

  • Place your ears in a listening position to the truth of God’s word as you read or listen to a podcast.

  • Press in to really listen, with eyes closed, the cicadas as they make their distinctive sounds.

The tongue:

  • Pretend you’re a TV chef and make a meal that’s outside your box of normal recipes.

  • Prepare something decadent for dessert and enjoy every bite.

  • Peek in your fridge and create a combo of flavors you’ve never tried before.


Awaken every one of your senses this fall, so that you are fully alive and well, enjoying the world around you in all of its goodness and blessings from HIM.

by Marcy Lytle

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