This is my second month out of three, filling in for our writer, as she is on hiatus.  And as I looked at the title of her column, I thought to myself, “Is any truth really simple?” After all, it seems that we hear or read on social media someone’s TRUTH as they see it, and we really don’t know who or what to believe, at all.  It’s all so complicated!  Politics mixed in with racism mixed in with corona virus makes for a pot of pretty nasty and smelling concoction that’s anything but clear! 

Sometimes, when truth becomes complicated, I have to sit back and observe and be still and become aware of the simplicity of truth around me.  And that’s why I love the column title that Erica gave to this section of the magazine.  Simple truths are the best ones to hang on to, gaze at, think upon, and live by…now aren’t they?

Here are a few of my simple truths, from just looking back through the photos on my phone of things and places that caused me to pause and snap…

  • Flowers in a vase – they’re real and they smell divine, and the color is breathtaking, and they remind me of the Creator.

  • Ice cream on a hot day – the opposite feeling from the heat around me provides refreshment to my body and soul – reminds me of his rest.

  • Herbs and citrus – Rosemary, lemon and vanilla simmering in a pot with aromas that cannot be reproduced because they’re natural and clean – reminds me of His goodness.

  • Parting clouds – that hole in the darkness where the sun shines through – reminds me of his faithfulness.

  • Smiles – I was able to surprise him with a gift, and his smile of joy and the love behind it – reminds me of the joy there is in giving to someone else.

  • Swings – A place to sit and move in the breeze with feet off the ground and the thrill of a child – reminds me that he enjoys just hanging with me.

  • Popcorn – a bowl piled high with refillable goodness that’s so satisfying and delicious – reminds me of his open hand full of good things always, never ending and always there.


Take a look back on your own phone and see what made you stop and give pause.  Then start to look around for the simplicity in all of the chaos, and see if you don’t find yourself breathing and sleeping a little better, all because of the simple truths that surround you.

Psalm 32:7

You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble;

You surround me with songs of deliverance.

by Erica Simmons

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